I’m going to have a moment of honesty right now. I’m a bit over blogging.

At least….I’m tired of blogging because I feel like I’ve been doing it like every one else. I’ve been writing a lot of posts which, while I feel can be helpful to people, aren’t really interesting to me, simply because that’s what a “Mommy Blogger” does.

It’s not just blogging. I rarely get on facebook anymore either. Not that every one on facebook isn’t wonderful but it just feels full of advertisements. Just like a lot of blogs I’m subscribed to just seem to be trying to sell me something. I get that this is how a lot of ladies make their income, but I’m more interested in being inspired to keep doing what I do.

Which Is probably why I’ve gotten so obsessed with Instagram. I put it off. I downloaded it and fiddled and left it alone for years. But I recently said, “Screw it, I want to post pictures somewhere.” So I really started to explore it, find other Instagramers, and to be honest it is one of the best things I’ve ever done. While I’m till figuring things out, and trying to improve my photography skills, it helps me so much to be able to pick up my camera and try every day to find beauty in my life. It’s so easy to get caught up in dumb meaningless stuff, but constantly looking and trying to identify beautiful moments has woken me up to the ways in which my life is wonderful.

So why didn’t I get on Instagram earlier? Mostly because it was a dumb hipster-iPhone using- stupid coffee pictures app. I feel like a dope. A hipster with coffee pictures kind of dope.

I’ve been rethinking a lot. As I’ve mentioned before, the past year especially has been full of all kinds of thoughts. But it’s only lately that some thing have begun to come into focus and make sense. I’m starting to feel like a person who makes Decisions and has Opinions.

There seem to be a lot of things we do and say that has very little reasoning behind it. Take something like….ironing clothes for instance. People used to iron their clothes to get rid of bugs (seriously, yes). The hot iron would kill bugs and their eggs. They even ironed underwear! But today we have hot water to wash our clothes in, we have strong detergents, and we have relatively bug free homes. So why are ironed clothes still considered nice while rumpled clothes aren’t? Creating clean lines maybe? While I’m not about to go out in rumpled clothes, I don’t feel the need to iron constantly because I really doubt that people are going to think I have bugs crawling out in my undies if they aren’t perfectly pressed.

There are some important things too though. My husband and I always seesaw on how we should teach the kids about money. While on one hand we come from a very monetarily conservative mindset, we’re starting to realize that the world doesn’t work for conservative spending. We live in a very rich country. We are in the middle class. It is a reasonable assumption that our kids will be in the middle class. So while I would like to teach them that they shouldn’t spend and should save their money and not go into debt (here is a great article on modern debt), I also recognize that I can’t take shopping temptation away from them, they probably will have to go into debt at some point, and maybe I should teach them how to manage these things instead of extol a life without them?

Right now we’re just working on teaching them the ability to let go instead of being attached or feel like their identity is wrapped up in things. We buy a lot but we give just as much away.

On the same vein, I’m not sure where I’m going with my blog. I suppose I’ll just play it by ear.


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