Strawberry Shortcakes


I feel like I should just go ahead and apologize because this is going to be one of those terrible little half-posts. I was typing out the title and a red line showed up under “strawberry” telling me I spelled it wrong. It took me five minutes to figure out I had switched the “t” and the “a.” Long story short: I’m having a major day month long brain fart (I know, it’s so uncouth to use the word “fart.” Did I make up for it by using the word “uncouth?”)


We celebrated my Mom’s 60th birthday last week and since I am terrible at a) giving good presents and b) throwing parties, my only contribution is usually to make something. We actually created some homemade paper out of leaves and flowers and glitter and it was so pretty but while it was sitting outside to dry it started raining. Pouring rain. The paper turned into pulp. See what I said above about being horrible at  giving good presents.


These little cakes are incredibly simple, but like most simple things you can make it more complicated if you’d like. Premade or homemade pound cake it fine, but you just cut into into circles the same diameter as your jars or glasses, and about an inch thick. I used two pound cakes for these four glasses, although I obviously had extra bits from where I cut out the circles.


Layer the cake, then whipped cream (homemade please!), fruit, cake, cream, fruit, cake, and more cream. Then decorate the top! Easy peasy.

Here is the classic pound cake recipe if you’d like to make your own. It’s called a pound cake because you use a pound of each ingredient.

Cream 4 sticks of butter with 2 cups of sugar until fluffy. Add 1 teaspoon vanilla. Add 9 eggs, one at a time, scraping down the sides between each. Add 3 1/4 cup flour. Bake at 325 in two load pans for 65 minutes. Fin!




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