Random Post Birth Thoughts

I can’t even kinda get my head in the game right now. I’m still in lovely babymoon mode, which means for the most part I can actually sit and enjoy life without a constant stream of blah blah blah going on in my head. Postpartum hormones put your in a drunken happy stupor. The lack of sleep may have something to do with that too. So since I can’t get it together enough to come up with an actual post, here is some completely random advice:

When you are pregnant buy a Boba. These kangaroo pouches are nothing short of amazing. You may think, “oh my infantino carrier is pretty much the same,” but you’d be wrong. You can only use these up to 20 lbs, so be sure to buy it BEFORE baby comes out. There is no place your baby would rather be than snuggled up between your bosoms, and you’ll enjoy having your arms free to actually get somethings done. Bonus: You can nurse in them.

Which reminds me…we went to the Reds game last week and I got to use their new nursing room.

Or at least I got to stand in it and nurse standing up because it was packed every time I went. There were five chairs inside the room, and six in the lobby outside, and they were all constantly full, not to mention the women standing and sitting, glad to just be able to nurse in the air conditioning. It made me almost sad to see how desperate women are for a comfortable place to nurse. The Reds stadium is the only one in baseball that has a nursing room and it is clearly not close to being enough to serve the need. I can completely understand why so many women have trouble breastfeeding for a long time. The world is just not designed, literally, to make breastfeeding easy.

During my pregnancy I really learned a lot about keeping my body healthy and to be honest I feel like I’m healthier now than I ever have been before in my life.

1- You need to start an anti-laziness routine before you can begin an exercise routine. Before you start doing yoga, taking the time to get up and get something yourself instead of asking someone to get it for you helps keep up exercise throughout the day. Take advantage of any opportunity to get up and walk, even if it’s just a few steps.http://www.businessinsider.com/even-if-you-work-out-sitting-behind-a-desk-all-day-is-killing-you-2012-5

2- Sugar is absolutely, in every way, your enemy. It makes muscle cramps ten times as bad and is impossible to lose weight when you’re eating it. Seriously, don’t even mess with the stuff.

3- Water Water Water. Nothing helps keep you healthy and lose weight and just generally feel better than water, especially water with lemon juice.

4- Stay busy. My tummy rumbles the most when I’m bored, not when I’m hungry

HOWEVER….there are a couple pregnancy fitness myths that I’d like to burst.

1- Your body may not change as much as you think it will. Yes, it will become softer. But no, you wont suddenly be super overweight and dowdy for the rest of your life. Most women lose all baby weight within a year of having a baby. Still, don’t judge your own body against others. Women like Fit Mom are fit BEFORE pregnancy and I’m sure it took her years to develop her muscles so well. Please don’t expect yourself or other women to suddenly have six pack abs two months after pregnancy if you didn’t have them before pregnancy.

2- The wrong kind of exercise can be very damaging to your body, even post pregnancy. It’s really important to be up and get around after birth. Studies have shown that standing and walking postpartum vs staying in bed helps reduce pain and lochia. However, after you give birth you enter the fourth trimester and you should still treat your body as if it’s pregnant for another three months. That means no heavy lifting, no strenuous exercise, no dieting. If you want a clear example of WHY you shouldn’t try to bounce back like a model, read this woman’s story. Just remember, you may not be as thin as fast as The Duchess of Cambridge but at least you don’t pee your pants! (Duchess Katherine, I absolutely love you and I’m sorry that I said that. I’m sure you don’t pee your pants, you are perfect in every way!)

3- Being adolescent thin is not “natural.” I really hate when people act like it is simply laziness that prevents many women from keeping the same body they had at 16. If you look at some of the most primitive women, who work hard from sun up to sun down, eating very little, most of them would still be considered “plump” in our western society. There are no six pack abs in the !Kung tribe. True, none of them are very overweight or obese either, but women there have large hips, large thighs, and large breasts. There is a difference between being your natural, healthy size, and being Fit.

Speaking of which, what is even living a “Natural” life?

Sometimes there are things which are pointed out as being the “natural” way of doing them, which are not natural at all. For instance, the ability of some primitive peoples being able to bounce back right away from pregnancy and pick up their daily heavy work immediately after birth. This is sometimes pointed to as an example of how dainty western women’s postbirth pain is merely psychological.

First of all, I encourage anyone who thinks birthing pain is a cultural expectation, not a reality, to read Monique and the Mango Rains. It’s a book following an actual midwife in Mali. The narrative clearly shows that women in Mali experience serious, very painful births. They tear and hemorrhage and hardly recover before they are pregnant again. Their infants often die from diarrhea and lack of nutrition. On face value it is easy to think they don’t suffer much birth pain because they don’t talk about it. Their cultural expectation is that women give birth and go back to work without complaint, not that women don’t experience pain.

This makes sense in large part because humans aren’t designed to work as hard as we think we are. Often when we image our “natural” selves we see some half dressed man tending a herd of cows. But our bodies are still largely a hunter-gatherer’s invention. We aren’t made for the kind of back breaking work agriculture involves. Other large brained (read: meat eating) mammals also do not give birth and immediately get up and start doing stuff, and they don’t have the painful births that humans do.


I have several more posts in here that I’ve started but haven’t finished off yet. So while I’m doing that, enjoy some pictures of our new Rosiegirl.


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