Valentine’s Day Stack Cake

I saw something similar to this on the PBS show The Great British Bake-Off. Theirs, of course, was much more intricate and had more like 5 or 6 stacks. But my daughter and I thought they were so cute and so I attempted to recreate something similar for Valentine’s Day.
  • Being pregnant, I did not have the patience for baking from scratch today, so I just started with a yellow sheet cake mix. I baked it in a 9X11 pan, just following the instructions on the back of the box. 
  • When it was my knife in the center came out clean, I allowed it to cool, before starting to cut out the circles. I used a standard glass to cut out the four largest circles, and then round cookie cutters for the other two. Because the cake didn’t bake perfectly level, you may need to trim some off the bottom to make each circle perfectly flat on the top.
  • I didn’t make any frosting either, but because the pink frosting you buy tastes like plastic, I bought some simple cream cheese frosting and added food coloring and strawberry flavoring. You have to be very careful applying the frosting to each circle, since sheet cakes are very fluffy and will tear easily.
  • When stacking the smaller cakes on top of the larger ones I stuck a toothpick down the center of both to adhere them to each other. Try as I might, the cakes were not perfectly flat and would tilt too far without the support of the toothpick.
  • Top with a cherry. I also put a toothpick in this to attach it to the top layer since it weighs a lot more than that tiny baby circle.
There you go, super easy, beautiful, Valentine’s Day Cakes. I think these would also be super cute to celebrate Dr. Seuss. They look like something a Who would eat.

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