A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Mom

I always find it so refreshing to read what other moms do doing the day. At least, for the most part I do. Sometimes ladies go on and on and I roll my eyes at their ability to constantly stay on track, have no time for themselves, and get a lot done during the day. Some of their Day in the Life Of stories sound more like what I accomplish in a week.
So what does a typical day look like for a stay at home mom, a seven (almost eight!) year old and a four year old?
6- I wake up to let the dogs outside. I have to stand there in front of the freezing cold door because the gate is open and one of the dogs does not respect the stay inside the yard rule, despite several trips to the pound.
730- I fall back asleep for an hour until my husbands alarm goes off. I spend the half an hour he takes to get dressed trying to wake myself up. As he’s about to leave our four year old son gets up. Sometimes he crawls into bed with me, sometimes he sits and chats with Dad. Eventually he makes it out to the TV and yells for someone to bring him breakfast.
8- I make a pot of oatmeal and bundle up to go outside and close the gate. The dogs follow me and run madly around the yard. As soon as I come in and start doling out bowls of oatmeal, my daughter wakes up. She is not a morning person.
830- I clean the kitchen, put a load of dirty rags in the wash, vacuum the living room floor which gets crazy dirty crazy fast, and make my bed before the best part of my day can start, which is climbing into my recliner to take a nap.
the playing begins early
11- I sleep for an hour but it’s a pretty distracted sleep because as soon as they’re done with breakfast the kids lose interest in the TV and begin playing, usually right on top of me. It’s probably because we have a weekday PBS-only TV rule and they’ve already seen the same Curious George episode ten times before. They take their bowls to the counter but there are gobs of oatmeal everywhere and usually milk spilled somewhere in the kitchen. I clean up every thing…again.
1130- These are my office hours. I send out emails, make phone calls, and do more laundry. What, you don’t do laundry at your office? My husband and I start texting. It becomes a major distraction (but a pleasant one) for the rest of the day, although today he’s texting me because we’re supposed to meet for lunch. My son doesn’t feel well and doesn’t want to get dressed but we are completely out of food and at the least have to go to the grocery. We make a mad dash out the door
12- My husband already ate lunch but we pick him up from work and go to Wendys. Little boy had fallen asleep in the car and was much happier when he work up. Usually my daughter makes lunch for herself and her brother, while I don’t eat until 2 but today I can’t stop eating. It throws off my eating for the rest of the day. I hate fast food. Dad keeps glancing anxiously at the time because he should get back to work but we’re too busy testing out different kinds of soda from their fancy soda machine that has a million choices.
she may help me by making lunch herself but I think the mess it makes may cancel out any benefit

1- This is the time of day when I really get down to whatever I’m doing for the day. Today it’s grocery shopping. The kids convince me to buy cereal instead of oatmeal and I figure if they get a breakfast treat I should get one too so I buy Ego waffles. I forget syrup so we have to go back in. I did remember my reusable bags. I may be filling my belly with junk today but at least I’m not also filling the Earth with junk!

2- My daughter attends her online class while I unload groceries, unload the dishwasher, unload the laundry, and empty the garbage. By this point my back is about ready to collapse under the weight of my belly and I sit down to knit. After her class my daughter practices piano and tries to teach her brother a song. He’s not too interested. They begin playing with their Toy Story toys in a tent they made a few days ago.
Buzz and Woody wanted to have a tea party as well.
5- I finished chores and the knitting I wanted to do so I turn on the TV and happily find His Girl Friday is on. The kids come sit on the couch to watch with me. It’s over halfway over and Little Boy says it’s boring. He falls asleep. I fall asleep.
6- I wake up with a jerk, having no idea I fell asleep. The movie just jumped forward really fast. Weird. We’re starving though and all I can think about are those Ego waffles. We have waffles and carrots for dinner.
615- We start my daughter’s school. We have a long talk about the Anglos and the Saxons and listen to people on YouTube speaking in Gaelic and Old English. Then we watch a cartoon version of Beowulf. We read it last year but they didn’t really remember the plot. The movie didn’t help. It was made more for teenagers who can’t comprehend through reading. Oh well.
7- We continue with math. The schedule wants us to talk about additive multiplication but it’s incredibly dull and obvious so we just work on story problems instead. My husband is still in school which means he doesn’t text. I’m starting to get a bit lonely.
730- Time out from school to watch Jeopardy
8- We finish up by spending some time writing. Something my daughter writes about makes her want to pretend to go to the pool. The kids take off their shirts and get towels out. I tell them they need to clean up their tent first. They are very disappointed.
830- Dad comes home. A strobe light and disco lamp he ordered came in the mail today. I notice it’s snowing outside but I can’t enjoy it because the dogs are shoving their way in the house and ruining my nicely mopped floors. They’re also farting. So gross.
The kids freak out because it’s dance party time. They turn off all the lights and turn on the music. My sister calls so I hide in the bedroom, trying to hear her. I bounce on my pregnancy ball and my back feels awesome. It’s bedtime but there’s no way I’m getting anyone into bed when a dance party could possibly happen.
9- My son comes in looking very sad. He doesn’t feel well again. I help him go potty and then he lays down in bed. I tell my daughter she needs to come to bed too. They put on their PJs, brush their teeth, and cuddle down. We’re starting the Narnia series so I read the first chapter of the Magician’s Nephew. Little Boy falls asleep almost as soon as I start reading. My daughter doesn’t want me to stop but as soon as I do she collapses too.
some nights they do adorable things like read to each other.
930- I start the nightly clean up/bedtime routine. My skin always feels so dry at night I have to get up three or four times from the couch to put on more lotion. I can’t wait until we don’t have to use the heat anymore. In between getting up to do things I forgot about, my husband and I chat. And by chat I mean show each other funny things we see on Reddit and crazy things we read and make fun of the nightly news.
1030- Seinfeld is on. We laugh at our favorite lines and suddenly I realize that I’m the only one laughing. He’s fallen asleep. The kids fell asleep in our bed but I only move my daughter to hers since my son isn’t feeling well. I sit down to knit some more and blog.
12- My husband wakes up confused. He realizes he fell asleep. He sets out his clothes for tomorrow and falls back asleep. I get up and make him lunch for tomorrow and then head into bed where I read for about five minutes before my eyes feel incredibly heavy. So I sleep.
As you can see, we don’t usually do school until fairly late in the afternoon. I know most people do it first thing in the morning but we purposefully don’t. It’s mostly because I believe that playing is the most important thing they can be doing at their age. When you do school in the morning it has a way of drawing itself out until it takes up the entire day. I also don’t want to emphasize that learning is something that needs to be “gotten out of the way” before you can do what you want. We allow school to happen organically during the day, only appearing when they are starting to get tired and are OK with sitting on the computer or listening to me read to them or writing quietly. If something comes up earlier, like doing an experiment or a craft, we’ll do it then, but usually most of the typical schoolwork happens in the late afternoon and evening.
So there it is. A fairly typical day in our lives. At least, that’s how it is for now. I’ll have to do an updated post about homeschooling when you have a newborn later this year!

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