Christmas Crafting and Eating

I know I should’ve posted this awhile ago. After all, Christmas was three weeks ago. But hey, yummy food and crafts are just that, no matter what time of year I post them.
We don’t have a whole lot of Christmas family traditions, aside from being with family and eating a lot of food. We always have our own Christmas at home, opening stockings, which I made this year….

I got the pattern from Christmas Crafting in No Time, which is a super great book with tons of Scandanavian Christmas crafts. 

In fact, it’s borderline embarrassing how many of my Christmas decorations are from that book. I feel like I should write a disclaimer on things: “I did not come up with this myself.”
Although I did embroider them myself, which I’m pretty proud of. I really enjoy embroidery because it turns out so much better than my attempts at using the sewing machine.

There were supposed to be three stockings (because we have three children now. Whaaaa??) but I couldn’t get the snowflake one to be symmetrical. Next year I guess.
I also always make a Christmas breakfast, which is a lot better than having to make Christmas dinner. That, I still leave to my mom to do. I was a bit lazy this year, hence the powdered doughnuts hanging out on the table instead of my usual braided cinnamon bread.
But hey, I’m pregnant, If I can take the time to stack tangerines nicely, I consider it a win.
My children really like English Breakfast Tea. It always slightly shocks me because I hated all tea until I was in my late teens but I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised since England is full of children who love their tea.
The copious lashings of sugar and milk probably help.
I was also pretty lazy when it came to baked goods this year. I found this adorable recipe for “wreath” sugar cookies but decided they would be just as pretty if the cookies came from the store.
I bought cookies from Kroger, whose bakery section is actually really good for a chain grocer, and just did the frosting myself with the help of some little hands.
And yes, those are Pepperidge Farm gingerbread men. 
Ok, listen, I feel slightly terrible for not making more myself, especially at Christmas, but it’s like the worse time of the  year to get fancy in the kitchen. I know all those magazines and pinterest try to act like every one lays out a huge spread of homemade food while simultaneously crafting decorations and homemade gifts, but it’s really hard to do all that without, you know, absolutely hating Christmas. I can spend a lot of time before Christmas doing crafts and making things but when the holiday actually comes, spending all day in the kitchen baking just doesn’t sound as much fun as it does when it’s a Monday in January and I’m bored.
So what else have we been doing?
Playing with a lot of the presents we got mostly.
Little boy is digging for dinosaur bones.

We brought up the old recliner from the basement and then my mom gave me the most wonderful new blanket. This is now where every one wants to sit. In fact, it’s where I’m sitting now. And also where I’ll probably be sitting for the next 3 months. Because it’s so comfy and cozy.

It’s not finished yet

But Buzz Lightyear came to help.
My husband got a new camera for Christmas, so we’ve been snapping pictures like crazy people. Just look at the majestic pictures I can take of our dogs now.
He’s so wise.

My husband took us to a car show which, while I’m sure he would’ve liked to go to anyway, may have been more of an excuse to take cool pictures of pretty cars more than anything else.
My daughter had her Christmas piano recital, which she happily did and did well. Again, I’m super shocked. I wish I had had her confidence when I was her age.
And just the other day we celebrated my grandma’s birthday with her. She’s 93 but looks at least ten years younger.

I hope your holidays were just as wonderful as ours were!

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