Why I Don’t Have a Fashion Blog

I really wish I knew how to dress. I’m not saying that in a way that’s supposed to elicit sympathy feel good comments from people. I mean, I think I do alright in the fashion department. It’s more like, “I wish I had the time, money, and desire to care about what I wear.” I’m not someone who opts out of the fashion discussion because I think it’s stupid, it’s just not on my list of favorite things. But I really admire people who do dress well. I wish looking nice was higher on my list of important things but on a day to day basis, it always plummets to the very bottom of my list.
I don’t really get into children’s fashion either. I like traditional clothes for children. Janie and Jack is my absolute favorite but with the exception of babies who have no opinion, I don’t choose clothes for my kids, and only on very nice occasions pick out their outfits. I think I gave up after my son was born because he has one outfit he loves and it’s a struggle to get him to wear anything else. He’s a one outfit kind of guy (which apparently is a sign of success! I can only hope…) We’ve gotten in the habit of buying multiples of favorite shirts or pants or PJs. In fact, that’s what we were doing when we took this picture.
He had a pair of favorite red winter PJs and the feet were already beginning to wear out. So we went to the mall and bought 3 more. As you can see, he also likes his red jacket and boots. These gray pants were a struggle.
My approach to style is more along the lines of, “I need a new blue skirt that flares out like my last one. Lemme go find one.” I rarely enjoy just browsing and I do most of my shopping online, where I can spend a short amount of time searching for what I already know I want. I’m just not an adventerous dresser. I like skirts and tights and dresses and cardigan sweaters, so that’s what I wear.
This is totally fine 99 percent of the time. But my adversion to shopping is not working out so well while I’m pregnant. 
I only bought maybe three shirts my first pregnancy and made do with my teenager low cut jeans and oversized hoodies. 
My second pregnancy I only got big in the summer and since I have tons and tons of long and empire waist dresses, I got by without anything new.
But this time, I’ve gotten rid of all my old maternity clothes because they were out of style and I don’t have very many flow-y winter clothes.
So far I’ve been making do with a couple of dresses and legging underneath or wearing blousy shirts but I’m rapidly getting to the point where my tummy is always poking out under my shirts.

This is one of the few things I bought in anticipation of getting big. It’s a super thick dress from modcloth, and right now it’s reaching the length of a long shirt more than a dress, but it’s large front perfectly works with my belly even though it’s not maternity.
I always laugh at myself when I wear it though because it does make me look a bit larger than I really am. I feel a bit like this lady.
Btw, she isn’t pregnant, she has a pillow under there to give her that 9-months look. Seriously. This was in style back then, which may be why I have a bit of trouble getting too much behind fashion. I don’t want to end up being in a picture that makes people laugh at how silly I looked. This was also the time period that women would pluck out their hairline to give them bigger foreheads. A lot of weird stuff going on….
Carolyn at Svellerella did an adorable post on her maternity fashion. Girl is much taller and skinnier than I am though, so her ideas about wearing tunics don’t hold so well when my super large bum refuses to be covered. 
I wish I could give you some great tips to look cute while you’re pregnant, especially if you’re shorter and rounder like I am, but I gots nothing. Actually, maybe I do have one or two things to say…
1) If you work in a professional job where you have to dress up, get maternity clothes. There’s no getting around it. If not, you probably can get by with only one or two “maternity” things.
2) For sweat pants and plain shirts, go to the men’s section. There’s no point in paying the Pink Tax and you’ll soon find out there’s a Maternity Tax too. Maternity plain tees at Target are twentish dollars and never go on sale. Men’s plain tees, 7 bucks.
3) Don’t under estimate how amazing maternity pants feel. For some reason I really hate the idea of maternity pants with their stretchy elastic and high belly pouches. They seem so Mom-ish. But omg do they feel amazing to wear. You can actually breath. It’s like sweat pants but you look presentable!
4) Seriously, don’t pay the Maternity Tax. There are a lot of really cute shirts and dresses that you can buy and will cover up your belly that aren’t maternity. Until you hit about 8 months, most empire waist or longer shirts will cover you just fine. And you can also buy these super cute belly bands if you need a little extra help.  
Maternity clothes are so much more expensive, rarely go on sale, and look pretty dowdy. So don’t do it man, just don’t do it.
5) Buy flats. Don’t be that mom that wears heels during pregnancy. She looks stupid and every one hates her.
6) Focus on your hair and face. For the vast vast majority of women, pregnancy gives you the best hair and the best skin you’ll ever have. Get yourself a nice haircut, wear your hair down and styled, and put on fresh makeup (aka concealer, mascara, and blush. That’s it). You will look like you’re glowing and no one will notice your sweatshirt that you’ve been wearing for four days straight. 
Seriously, the most beautiful pregnant women always are simply dressed with simple make up, because after all, your pregnant belly makes you incredibly beautiful anyway so why overdo it?
At least, that’s the excuse I’m giving for my lack luster pregnancy garb and I’m sticking to it!


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