I Did It Again

Let me start with Monday. My husband had to get up early and drive down to Louisville for work. My sister lives there and since I hadn’t seen her in forever since I’m exhausted making sure my own kids don’t die and she’s exhausted making sure other people’s kids don’t die (she’s a doctor), we all piled into the car with him to hitch a ride down South. We got on the road around 6 but the snow storm was already pushing its way through our area. We had about 4 inches of snow at our house and almost nothing had been plowed yet. After all, almost no one else was on the road. 
It was by far one of the most beautiful trips I’ve ever taken. Everything was white. The trees were crystalized in white ice, the roads were white, the sky was white. 

Our trip was fine. We had a great time, even if the children were driving me crazy constantly trying to play in the snow.

And things stayed beautiful around here for a couple of days
The snow storm was a complete surprise. I was still thinking we had about a month left of fall before it would get snowy. So as soon as the snow melted we had a huge pile of work that needed to be done around our house before the next wintery blast comes.
I spent a day putting all of our outside furniture, toys, tools away. I fixed the chicken coop to make it somewhat more winter comfortable. I went around the house fixing dents, holes, and drafty spots. I had a super productive day.
And I really regretted it. 
I’m terrible about realizing I’m pregnant. I seriously forget all the time. With my first I was working retail until I gave birth and people would constantly give me funny looks, or even gasp and scold me, while I climbed on ladders, lifted heavy boxes, and got down on my hands and knees to reach under things. I figured most of these things women have been doing for hundreds of years while they’re pregnant and babies are still being born. You can’t stop the world just because you’re pregnant. 
But Tuesday’s work….it almost killed me. I mean seriously, I think the pain I was in for the next three days was worse than anything I’ve experienced before. Every inch of my body constantly hurt. My back would get charlie horses when I tried to get up, my eyes would start to water when my son jumped into my arms, and my muscles felt like someone had gone through and ripped each one apart. It almost became slightly terrifying. I was worried I had literally done too much, that I’d hurt the baby in some way.
My husband told me I’m not as young as I used to be. Unfortunately, I think he’s right. I’m not as in shape as I was before and this pregnancy is really limiting what I can do. 
And it’s only been 5 months! Ugh.
Ok, fine, I learned my lesson. I’ll don my white nightgrown, braid my hair, and recline in bed to wait out my sentence, er, I mean, pregnancy.
At least, I did until yesterday came with it’s 60 degree weather and every one playing outside. It seemed like a great day for gardening…
..and maybe I’ll just cut out some brush while I’m at it…
..and I should probably ask Roger to carry the brush to the burn pile but he’s taking too long so I’ll just do it..
…and while I’m out here I should finish cleaning out the chicken coop….
…..oh here’s where I left the shovel. Well maybe I’ll turn over the compost pile….
….ugh those stupid dogs like to poop right by the back door! I should probably pick up the yard from them….
…..oh I forgot about those pumpkins, I’ll throw them in the compost, and look at all those rose hips! I should pick some….
…..and maybe I’ll just go ahead and cook the rose hips so they’re ready for rose hip soda….
…..you know, I should probably bake some things for breakfast this week….
….and shoot, I need to get dinner ready….
…..how do we make so many dirty dishes? I guess I’ll wash them….
 I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it.
And my arms and back are achy all over again.
Please dear God, make it snow again so I’ll stop being an idiot. Thanks.


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