We’re Growing

Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve taken another blogging hiatus. But this time I had a fairly reasonable excuse since I’ve been sleeping approximately 100 hours a day.
Our little family is turning into a slightly big family. I kind of get the vague impression that by your third child people start to think you’re just being frivolous, like you’re showing off in some way. Or maybe it’s that you don’t care about the environment. Either way, huge kuddos to the couples that don’t give a hoot and have four or more. Or women who are brave enough to do that many pregnancies. I feel like I’ve aged about ten years in the past three months. At this rate I’ll be….fifty something by the time I have the baby.
I’ve been feeling just about as well as can be expected, except the whole narcolepsy thing I’ve suddenly developed. Exhaustion literally hits you like a ton of bricks and knocks you out.  My husband was laughing at me the other night because while we were laying on the couch he kept telling me to just go to bed and I’d say, “No, I’m not sleeping, I’m just laying here.” And then proceed to snore loudly.
My current babies are wonderfully helpful and I think secretly reveling in the copious amounts of freedom they suddenly have. School gets put off some days, I buy foods I never would before because convenience and sugar are very precious to me right now, and my most common answer to their questions is, “I don’t care, just don’t make a mess.” Now that the first trimester is coming to a close hopefully things will go back to normal. Just in time for winter….oh joy.
Plus side? I finally get to be the dainty lady I was meant to be. I never have to lift a finger or soil a shoe. I mean, I do, cause I’m no wuss, but it’s nice to know I potentially could lounge while my husband feeds me grapes and my children rub my feet.
The worse part so far has been the acquiescence to many of my dearly held beliefs. For instance, I bought jeggings today. Jeggings. But oh joy does my belly love them. And at least I KIND OF look like I’m actually getting myself together enough to wear pants, right??
And the junk food. It still tastes so nasty but it’s like my taste buds are having a flash back to my childhood and I want Alpha Bits and Oatmeal Cream Pies. 
And the promise I made to myself that my children wouldn’t wear PJs in public. Promise, broken. Again and again and again.
And I’m starting to watch stupid competition TV shows. Like The Voice. And football.
So next time you see a pregnant woman who looks even slightly like a normal human being, be sure to give her a smile and tell her how nice she looks. Cause seriously, looking and acting human are shockingly hard when you’re pregnant.

And did my fonts change on here? That’s what I get for being gone the equivalent of a five hundred internet years.


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