Attention! Attention!

First, let me inform you that from now on I’ll be posting EVERY THING on this blog page. So no more clicking over to A Romantic Home or A Romantic Education to see every thing. I’ll  make it more simple and just put everything on  here, but will continue to archive on the other two pages, so if you’re looking for a post on home things, you can head to that page, or a post on education, you can head to that page, but if you just want to read every thing I’m talking about, just stick right here!

Second, some of you are already familiar with my series, or series I participate in, like Simple Things Sunday, Vintage Values, Five Favorites, Menu Plan Monday (apparently bloggers like alliteration), but I’m happy to share a new series I will be starting, called A Good Heart.

I had been humming and thinking about some posts that vaguely deal with morality when lo and behold, The New York Times published a great article on just that subject this past Sunday. If I could sum up the entire article it would be, “Unlike learning other things, morality is something children view as a part of themselves, a form of identity, not simply a good decision, so the conversation with your children should be, “please be a helper,” rather than, “it’d be nice if you helped.”

This fit perfectly with the Bible study the children and I have been doing lately about David and how David made some good decisions and some bad decisions, but he always sought after God’s heart. Or as our children’s Bible says, David had a good heart. So this is the title on my series of morality posts that will be trickling out now and then. Come check out the first on that overused word, “Modesty.”


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