Vivian Leigh: Style Icon

When I was just a little girl I thought I was Scarlett O’Hara. Seriously. She kinda sorta looked like me and I felt that I had the same lack of Melanie-ness that Scarlett constantly feels like she battles against. So I loved Scarlett. Because she wasn’t a Melanie, she didn’t fit that Victorian ideal of the Cult of True Womanhood. She was tough and boisterous and wasn’t above manipulating people to get what she wanted. And I think that many little girls can relate to feeling that way. That you’re tough not because you want to be but because you have to be. And you don’t really “get” other girls, and often have them talking behind your back because you like male attention better. And you can be rough and callous and self-centered. People accuse you of lacking sensitivity. You feel like you never smile.
But most of us grow out of it. Because we realize there is no Melanie and there is no Scarlett and we’re all just somewhere in-between. 
I can do with out the shoulder pads and terrible plucked eyebrows but look at that hair! And those lips! Don’t you just love how portraits always used to have that soft glow to them? Leigh absolutely mastered that serious indifferent look that was so popular at the time. She’s one tough fe-male.
But even if I’m past idolizing Scarlett, I still wouldn’t mind being Vivian Leigh. I mean, she got to be with Clark Gable in one of the best movies of all time and married Laurence Olivier in real life.
Trench coat and gloves, you know I love that!

I’m so happy these big floppy hats have come back into style again. Of course, good looking men beside you have always been in style.

Even as she gets older her face is still strong and gentle at the same time. 

Again with the terrible eyebrows. But how does she do her lips so darn perfectly?

Must remember to buy a large broach. Also to lean vulnerably against a fur backdrop.

Bright eyes, matching dark hair and lips. Classic.
In the 30s and 40s and even into the 50s and 60s skirt suits were so in style but yet were still so feminine looking. Hilary Clinton should take note.
Also can we point out how awesome this pose is?
 “I adore you my darling!”
“Yes, I know dear.”

A sun-shaped tiara. Marian, art deco, and beautiful.

Again with the trench coat. If you know what looks best on you, you know what looks best. I really love the hair curled and tucked up into her hat.

Falling off the shoulder deep v-neck. Slay me now.

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