I Get All My Parenting Advice From Mary Poppins

If you haven’t heard me talk before about how much I love Mary Poppins then you are in the minority. I love this fictional woman and she is absolutely everything I want to be as a mother.

She is caring.
She doesn’t shy away from the necessary things in life. The children are always dressed their best and required to take their medicine even when it’s horrible, nasty stuff.
She somehow makes even unpleasant things wonderful and fun. Like cleaning your room or the medicine.
She has a beautiful singing voice and never minds performing.
She always maintains her dignity.
She never raises her voice but is still respected.

She will happily engage in nonsense but never sees it as nonsense. Play is just as important as making sure your room is tidy.
She is never surprised. She always is in perfect control of her surroundings.

She allows situations to play themselves out without much interference. In other words, she allows the children to learn their own lessons while always maintaining a careful distance.
She is always lovely looking.

She knows the most wonderful people.
She doesn’t shy away from telling people exactly how wonderful they are.
Or when they are being not so wonderful.

She happily allows the children to experience a wide range of people and perspectives.
She encourages the children to always respect their parents….even when their parents aren’t exactly spectacular.
….which is really the best part about Mary Poppins. Without being silly or sappy she brings out the love and joy that’s in everyone through imagination and play.

Plus she flies with an umbrella. An umbrella! Ha!

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