This House May Have The Worlds Silliest Children In It

We got Dad pretty good on April Fools Day. When he came home from work there was a big present on the table for him. We told him we made him something. He ripped open the package to find….nothing.
It’s his own fault really. He absolutely insists on playing jokes on everyone all the time so it’s about time that we got him back!
Max keeps saying “ah-ha ah-ha April Fools!” after just about everything he says because there is nothing these two love better than a good joke. Although somehow jokes in our house are almost always at Dad’s expense and the punchline eventually turns into just the words “tush” and “poopy.”
Yeah, reeeal mature guys.
Everytime they make a joke and crack up at each other all I can think about is Statler and Waldorf

At least they think they’re funny.

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