Five Favorite Gift Ideas for Children!

My daughter just had a birthday and we were gifted with so many awesome presents this year! It’s so much more fun to get things that are out of the ordinary…things that you wanted but had no idea you wanted…instead of something someone just picked up at target because they heard you liked such and such character. So here are some out of the ordinary gift ideas for your child or to bring to a birthday:
-1- Trunk Full O’Costumes
The dog with the remains of a raided costume box.
Two years ago after Halloween my husband and I went and stocked up on children’s sized costumes and accessories. Then we bought an old steamer trunk and put them in and stuck it under the Christmas tree. It has become one of the best things we ever did. First it keeps all of the dress up stuff you probably have anyway under control but it also provides an amazing amount of dressing up entertainment. We’ve done plays with the costumes, acted out stories, and even re-created famous artworks with them. In short, costumes are every child’s best friend. Since I originally got the idea from Little Women, I can’t say I’m really surprised it was such a success. Jo has the most lovely ideas.
-2- Circuit Board
This seems like kind of a geeky gift. After all, what kid wants to play with….circuits? Well, when you can make an alarm clock, a motion sensor laser, re-create war sounds, and make a helicopter, what kid wouldn’t want a circuit board?? We have to help our kids figure everything out but it has really been a lot of fun and I love watching them play with it. My daughter “invented” a nightlight for herself because she wanted one and I’m not sure I’ve ever been more proud of her!
-3- Doodle Books
These are so much more fun than your average coloring book. I suppose you could probably make one yourself by finding paintings and printing them off in black and white, or by starting pictures and having your children finish them. That sounds like it may be a good project….
-4- Memberships and Tickets
Family memberships to many museums or zoos can be purchased for under 100, which seems like such a better use of money to me than on junk you know is going to end up at Goodwill. My husband’s Oma has gifted us with a zoo membership the past two years and it has been absolutely wonderful. Not only do we get to enjoy the zoo more than we would’ve before, it also encourages us to go, since it is free. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be a membership per say….My daughter loves going to plays and movies so every year we try to gift her with tickets to something. All my son ever wants is to see or play baseball so guess what we do on his birthday…haha. Now I know…no kid wants to open tickets on their birthday…but slip in a small toy with the tickets so you get the opening-package sensation and you are golden! Plus, you know every time they go to the place, they’ll be thinking of you!
-5- Create a Scene
This is a little more thought intensive but can be so much fun if done correctly! Let’s say you know the child you’re shopping for loves Spiderman. Grab some spiderman comics, a fun pillow for him to lay on while he reads, a clip on reading light, and some spidey shapes gummie snacks. You have just created an evening of fun. What about princesses? Buy a container with a lid, put in glitter sticks, jewels, feathers, lace, glue, and instructions to make a crown. These kinds of presents don’t really have a “wow” factor when you open them but you know that they will be the thing the child will ultimately enjoy more. My children are play and tossers, meaning most toys get played with once and then tossed. But activities, things that they DO, are often done over and over again. And then they beg to do it more. So don’t just think about what toy to get, but what they will do with that toy and what can help them explore all the possibilities of that toy.
I hope that gives you some great ideas for this birthday season and as always thanks to MoxieWife for the linkup!

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