Where I Am

I think I sometimes spend too much time working on long thought consuming posts and don’t bother with nearly enough What We’re Up To kind of posts. For that, I’m sorry.
But there is one simple reason why this winter I’ve been mostly MIA. We’ve been doing nothing. And I mean NOTHING.

This winter has dragged on like a endless line of blah and blah and more blah. I love winter, I love snow, but I haven’t managed to find one good book, one good movie, one exciting activity, nothing, absolutely nothing to quicken the pulse, if you will. It doesn’t help that Mr. Mills has been gone from morning to night and the children are old enough to spend the entire day only needing me to make them food and wipe their bums.

I wont say I’ve been bored, because I haven’t been. Only that I’ve been busy doing the boring rote things of everyday, the things that I could do in my sleep. Yes, there probably are lots of things we could been doing but it is just far too cold. Little ones don’t like getting bundled up and it’s such a fight, a freezing cold fight, that I haven’t found anything worth the battle yet.

I did paint out kitchen cabinets this winter (how to post coming soon) but the two week long project took me two months, I think in part because I knew that once I finished it I was done. There would be no more “I should probably be working on that” in the back of my mind. I might have wilted away into nothingness.

So what have we been doing? I made some pillows. The kids made stamps out of potatoes and discovered Lego. We got a piano and finally found picture frames for the stack of pictures I had in my desk. We missed out on a couple of field trips because there was no one to watch The Younger Sibling. I thought about learning how to mix drinks but couldn’t because I’d lost my driver’s license and couldn’t prove I was 21. We tried to visit my Grandma but she was never home when we stopped by. Ditto for visiting my parents. We each consecutively got a stomach virus one week. The next week I did a lot of laundry. We walked to piano lessons in freezing cold weather just because we needed to stretch out legs. Our front door kept blowing open in the wind and our dog would get out and stay lost for a day or two. We gave away one of our cats because I realized I was allergic to her. The other cat doesn’t bother me. Yesterday I opened up a blanket that the cat usually lay on and almost couldn’t breathe. I got a sinus infection from my allergy to said cat and now have red, burning lips and so I just walk around feeling awfully sorry for myself. I’ve reread all of the Victorian novels that I have and browsed through my notebook, planning my garden.


Like I said, a whole bunch of nothing.
So don’t be offended if I have no interesting stories to tell or have an inability to hold a conversation. My brain seems to have frozen a bit under this weather. Or maybe its my sinuses.

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