Five Favorites: All Things French

French Documentaries. 
I absolutely love love love french documentaries. The quiet natural sounds. Profound scenes. Life as it is but magnified. My favorites?
Hats and Scarves.
You can’t go wrong with the Picasso look
What use is being a Francophile if you don’t have a couple berets in your house. Scarves are necessary as well. I’ve been wanting one of those smaller scarves that you can tie around your neck.
Robert Doisneau
I was very obsessed with Mr. Doisneau in high school and have never really stopped. His photos are so lighthearted. There is such stark poverty and hardship in his photos but everything is framed in such a way as to show whimsy, love, and happiness. It is such a lovely contrast from the hyper-realism and downhearted sadism that defines art today. There is no word to describe him except enchanting. Absolutely enchanting.
Jean Luc Godard
A crazy man if there ever was one. His movies are like what you’d imagine the mind of an ADD person’s would be like. They are weird, have a lot of nudity, don’t quite make sense but the dialogue! The camera work! The settings! I want to disappear inside them they are so lovely on the eyes. Not in a fancy CGI kind of way but in a quiet, pleasant, real life kind of way. It’s really hard to describe. But I was drawn in the by hilarious rom-com like dialogue of movies like Une Femme Est Une Femme, and I can’t stop watching French new Wave films now. Portlandia did a hipster spoof on him. I died laughing. I hope that doesn’t make me a hipster. I can promise you, it was not a pretentious or ironic laugh.
I have a love affair with Provence. But not the modern Provence that people equate with Tuscany and other warm climates, or the kind that you pay a lot for their worn looking furniture at Restoration Hardware. The poor Provence of pre-WWII. The Provence with rustic food and poppy filled fields, worn stone fences and small villages. Where people sat in sun-dappled light and rested the hot afternoon days away. The kind of place where you could walk past entire farms devoted to lavender and people washed their clothes along grassy banks. I know that I’m romanticizing the impoverished farming country but I’m not alone in my love affair with the tranquilite of the place. A perfect summer day to me is a day that comes closest to that beautiful Provencial ideal. I would never want to actually go there. I know that it would ruin what I imagine it to be. I don’t want to spoil my daydreams.
As always, thanks to MoxieWife for the linkup!

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