New Year, New Post

I haven’t really written in a long time so let me update everyone really quickly. We went down to see my oldest sister in Birmingham for Thanksgiving

Sooo…where’s dinner?

Which was nice since she wasn’t able to come up for Christmas. Neither was my other sister and my mother in law was also gone, so Christmas this year was pretty quiet. We saw other family, cuddled up at home, and visited our friends at my grandma’s retirement home.

After Christmas we saw more family, got to eventually see my sister, and then spent a weekend in St. Louis visiting Roger’s brother and Dad.

To be honest, this was one of the best Christmas’s we’ve ever had. It was so nice to not be rushing around and we felt like we got to spend more actual time with people than we had in awhile. I didn’t make a big dinner or bake a lot like I usually do, so maybe that’s what helped me have a nice Christmas. There was a terrible lack of cookies this year but…you can’t have everything I suppose.

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