Not-So-Quick Thoughts

I’ve just got to accept it. I’m never going to be a Blogger with a big B. It makes me feel better to tell myself I can’t because I’m just not that into constantly sharing everything. Maybe it’d be more truthful to say I’m lazy, but I really hate constantly feeling like I need to take pictures, constantly getting online to write, constantly “networking” with other bloggers. I like writing, occasionally, about what’s going on in my life or mind…that’s it, fin. I hate instagram, I’m not a big fan of pinterest, and the idea of Twitter bores me to death. It’s just all too much, it’s like I’d have to constantly, CONSTANTLY be online. It’s probably just because I don’t have a smartphone, so instead of passively doing all of this kind of stuff, just browsing pinterest requires me to 1) Have time, which I don’t 2) Stop reading, because I don’t know when else I’d have time than when I sit down to read 3) Which is horrible anyway, because I hate being online and being interupted and going back to try to find what I’m doing, while I’m really good at doing that while I’m reading and 4) Wait until my husband gets home with the laptop or until my daughter is done with online school so I can use her computer. I really respect all of those mommybloggers out there who can do it but I can’t, nu-uh, no way.
Speaking of reading, I’m reading The Duty of Delight by Dorothy Day and it’s brought up two good points: 1) Our lives are so much more blessed than we think they are. While we’re all crying about what we do and don’t have, the sacrifices made by those who are just SERVING those in need, never mind actually being in need, are outstanding. I really need to remember my privledged life every day. As Pope Francis suggests with his Finger Praying, we should pray for ourselves last, so we can put our own needs in perspective. And 2) The world is SUCH a better place now than it used to be. I just read the other day that there are more trees today on Earth than there were 100 years ago, and at the Cincinnati Zoo they have this pretty map showing the numbers of animals in Ohio that have had population increases since the early 1900s, when almost all wild animals were wiped out, and UN scientists have come out with a new study showing just how much better the world is than people think it is. Day was serving her community in the time between World Wars, when the Great Depression was putting people on the street daily, the threat of Nazism was spreading in Europe, facism and support for Hitler and Mussolini was promoted by even those in the church, and Eugenics was considered an acceptable and legitimate concept by most in America. If the world was even kind of like that now the news networks would have us literally believing the world was ending. I get so sick of hearing people talk about how bad the world has become. It has not, your knowledge about the bad things in the world has just increased, not the bad acts themselves. We live in the most peaceful era in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Let us be thankful!
I’m constantly going crazy with the amount of dirt in my house. I look at other people and think “How in the world are you not absolutely insane with cleaning up after all those animals and people?”
We have only 2 children and 3 pets, although I only really count 1 cat because the others stay outside most of the time. Maybe it’s because we homeschool and so we’re home all day, which increases the amount of time mess making can occur. Maybe I just have unrealistic standards for cleaning. Maybe it’s actual a good thing because since I have to clean a lot because dirt is literally being tracked in, maybe my house is actually cleaner than most. You know, like things are always being cleaned because they’re obviously dirty, whereas if I didn’t have the kids getting crumbs on the blankets they probably wouldn’t be washed more than once a year, verses the once a week that they are now. But I still hate having to do things like base household decorations on how dirty they can get. Soft pink bedding? Ha! Lovely sheepskin rug? Why don’t you just send out invitations for the fleas! Oh those velvety curtains are beautiful! Until the dog comes in and his hair is sucked onto them like a tractor beam.

What a cute wittle baby

Lady Noir will only allow artistic pictures to be taken. After all, she has a cultivated air of mystery she needs to maintain.

But our animals and children are so cute. I want more. I want more craziness and coziness and cuteness. Which is probably why I’m always hinting about moving to a bigger house. Someone please talk me about of this, because I do not actually want to move, especially somewhere bigger. I guess in my head I think “I only go crazy with all the toys on the floor because the floor is too small! If it was bigger, there wouldn’t seem like there are so many toys!” Good relativity, bad logic.

Like this one. Cute as a button, affordable, big enough…but tiny yard. Perfect homes are hard to come by.

I love our house and couldn’t imagine doing with a smaller yard, not to mention the fact that on a principle level I hate bigger= better philosophy. I’m determined to live in a house about this size the rest of my life (which according to pre-1970’s ideals was big enough for a typical family). My husband always brings up the law of expanding possessions, that if we get a bigger house we’ll just fill it with more stuff, which is proooobably true. So we’re just finishing the basement instead. So I can throw everything down there when I’m feeling particularly insane…..

At least one child manages to climb into our bed at night. Usually with a stuffed animal.


Why can’t I just chill out sometimes? I love old things, I love peeling paint and natural fibers and making my own everything and beautiful wood, but I get pulled in so easily to the sanitized modern world. It doesn’t help when you have things like This Old House magazine, which really should be called “Look How We Completely Replaced Every Single Thing in This Old House” magazine. As my Dad always likes to say, “I have an axe that was used by Abe Lincoln, although I had to replace the blade and the handle.” 
Do you see this little polish houses? They are clean and well taken care of without being sanitized and “perfect” in any way shape or form. This is what I want, but I can’t handle it. I’ve been so indoctrinated in the world of New and Plastic and So Perfect It Doesn’t Resemble Anything Real. Someone help me please.
If you haven’t read this book yet, despite me constantly talking about it, please do. It’s so so wonderful.
Also this one. Amazing the kinds of suggestions people used to make for children. I doubt many, if any, could do the kind of woodworking suggested in here.
So many babies are being born!Welcome to our new cousins Caleb Peter Drew and Daniel Alexander Castellanos!
My husband insists that I do not have good taste in music. Or at least, I’m too much of a hipster. Yet….YET….four times now he has heard a song on a commercial…a song from a band that he knows I like…and….without knowing who it was singing the song….decided that he liked it and downloaded it. ERGO, I do not have bad taste in music, he only dislikes my music because I liked it first. Now who’s the hipster?

As heard on a Honda Civic Commercial
As heard on a Budweiser commercial
As heard on razor commercial (I thought this should’ve been included on The Great Gatsby soundtrack. But of course, no one asked my opinion so…)
As heard on Espn and as Mike Leake’s batting song.

All that I can really say about this revelation is….I can’t get no respect! **tugging on tie**

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