Marie Antoinette Fashion

Marie Antoinette Fashion? A bit old school hmmm?
I really love love love Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. It’s so simple, so devoid of History with a big h and more full of history as daily life. I wish more often we could see historic figures as people, living life, rather than grandious composers for some drama they are participating in. But one of the things I like most about this Marie Antoinette movie is the fashion.

Some of it…a bit much. Mostly it’s when Marie becomes enamored of Rousseau and she seeks out the gardens of Le Petit Trianon with their exposed beams, and drinks fresh milk, and dresses in light airy whites. Little Marie Therese comes and plays with bumblebees in the garden, murmuring “abeille.”

Rousseau makes me want to do this too
Lookin’ to classic art…nice move Ms. Coppola
I. want. that. hat.
I love square or deep u shaped collars. They’re so flattering when you have a small chest. Comme moi.
She is the only one that can pull off pink hair. The ONLY ONE. You hear that Katy Perry?

But even before that scene, the beautiful pink champagne glasses with perfectly sculpted pastries…the dark black bows Marie wears in her bright blonde hair….the fitted bodices and wide belts…and the lace. My goodness the lace!

I think it’s horribly unfair that I’m a Kierstin and I don’t have blonde hair. 

I want that pink cake every year for my birthday. Except I wont get it unless I make it myself…

I’m thinking about making myself a belt like this. Just a bit of velvet and a clasp.

Gorgeous shade of pink on the far left.

 Light blue + black and white checks = how I’m going to do my foyer. When I get a foyer.

Although you can’t give Ms. Coppola all the credit for this awesome movie. Marie was pretty stylish so I guess it’s not too hard to create a beautiful movie about a beautiful woman.

 I could do without the ruffles but the rest…MWAAAH C’est Superb!

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