Five Favorites

ummmm five favorites…..uh…..Let’s see what I’ve been favoriting this week….
First of all this story. This little girl was picked up from a Roma camp in Greece. The police found the couple she was living with were not her parents. I couldn’t tell you why I’m so entranced by this. Maybe it has something to do with those stories about gypsies coming to take you that parents always tell. I think it also has something to do with this little girl looking like my daughter. And also something to do with an enchantment I have with Northern and Eastern Europe. I find the areas from Norway curving down to Romania really fascinating. Eastern Europe is especially interesting because the people there “look just like us” but live such primitive, and relatively poor lives. I know that is such a weird thing to say but seriously, it’s kind of like taking a peak into the past at your ancestors. I know I’m not specifically from Eastern Europe, but the places my family is from probably looked an awful lot like that a hundred years ago or more.
Speaking of Northern Europe, I have a terrible love hate relationship with Ikea. I love that store. Mostly just for their Scandinavian looking decorations. I’m not really into contemporary furniture so much. Blond and white wood are some of my favorites though. However, almost every time I go to Ikea looking for something specific, something I’ve seen there before and returned to buy, they NEVER have it in stock. And they can’t order it. And they have no idea when it will be back. But yet, I keep coming back…ay ay ay.
I asked my sister for this book for my birthday and it has exceeded my expectations in every way. I am so so SO excited to begin doing some of these crafts (too much? I don’t think so. I get excited about these kinds of things). 
Keeping things all about peasant Europe, I want to share this Oatmeal Porridge recipe. I have made this every morning this week for my children and they adore it. Honey, syrup, brown sugar, applesauce….there are so many brilliant combinations with oatmeal, especially this kind. It’s so full of flavor.
We stopped by a couple stores the other day but I stayed in the car while my husband took the children in because I wanted to listen to this story on NPR about a new edition of the Brother’s Grimm coming out. If you know anything about me it should be that I am slightly obsessed with fairy tales (not a big fan of “modern tv show fairy tales” though). I used to create elaborate fairy villages when I was little, wrote many analytical, scholarly English papers on fairy tales, and read them to the children just about every time I can. This book will probably make an appearance in our house this Christmas. For me haha.

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