Five Favorites

Oh life can be so full of stress can’t it? One thing breaks, another thing breaks, all of the bugs from outside decide this would be a good time to come in, and your dog’s allergies go into hyperactive crazy mode and he needs two baths a day, all while you’re already in the middle of switching schools and house shopping. And then you get up in the morning and just want your coffee but discover, oh the humanity!, that SOMEONE took the last of it and didn’t make more. I think my head just exploded.

Can I just say though that there is nothing like having a good friend help you out when you have a problem. And luckily we have many good, and skilled, friends.

But this past week I’ve been trying to find ways to de-stress so….

1.) Eggs
There’s nothing like breaking something when you’re stressed. And although I’m not in favor of wasting food, I’m also not sure those 90 cent eggs at the grocery can be considered food anyway so they’re much more useful to me right now being thrown out of the barn loft.

Ahhh that’s better.

2.) Homeschooling
As I’ve said before, we were SO hesitant about sending my daughter to school to begin with, and then add in her negative school attitude, the fact that I’m now home all day, the waste of time that I’m starting to think school is, and the constant danger of infecting our home with bed bugs (the kids have to put all of their things in garbage bags at school and aren’t allowed to touch each other), has all just added up to a big “Nope.” We’ve enrolled her in online public school so I don’t have to worry about trying to figure out all the ins and outs of homeschooling forms and paperwork, and we’re just going to build on what she has to do online. Hopefully it will go well.

3.) Piping Frosting
I’ve tried to work on my cake decorating skills and used this awesome tutorial for making small royal icing roses. They were really easy to make, and turned out even though I didn’t have the correct tip. My son made some cupcakes and we put these cuties on top and took them to my grandma’s retirement community to hand out. Yet another great thing my daughter gets to do that she couldn’t have awhile she’s in school all day.

As the tutorial says, you can literally make hundreds of these in no time. 
4.) Call the Midwife
I love watching something while I’m cooking or doing laundry and right now I’m all about Call the Midwife. Netflix just got season 2 and I’ve been watching it, all the while dreading the day that I’ll be done with them. There’s nothing like period dramas, especially when it involves babies.
And for all those who went to school with me, does Jimmy remind you of someone? Especially if you made his hair brown.
5.) And finally, tis the season for film noir!
I love detective fiction, the old school stuff. The Thin Man is one of my yearly re-reads, and our cute little kitty is named Lady Noir, partly because our cats always have french names, partly after Guy Noir, and partly because of film noir. I’m so happy all of these great old movies start popping up places in celebration of Halloween. So, in honor of Halloween and film noir and detective fiction, here are some hilarious fake Jake Hunter book titles:

Thanks to MoxieWife for another link-up

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