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1. New Blog! Well, not new. I’ve just be reworking a lot of the stuff on here. I’m a fiddler and indecisive, so I’ve spent so much time just fiddling with this and that, changing it one way and then back again and then back again and then back again. Until bedtime when I say “screw it” and just press save for whatever is there haha. Because it’s been taking me so long and I’m still not done, look back for more changes. Besides the obvious change to the look, here’s what else is new:
-I’ve changed Poor Girl’s Martha Stewart to Romantic Homemaking. This was mostly for my convenience so I can manage all of my blogs on just one site, but it’ll hopefully be better for you all too because I can post more and more easily now.
-On Romantic Homemaking I’ve linked up all of the pictures, so you can just click on them to pin them to pinterest. I’m thinking about doing that for this blog too but…we’ll see. There is also a button that you can use to follow me on Pinterest (although I haven’t made the button actually go anywhere yet….), and eventually you’ll also be able to post any post you’d like to stumbleupon, pinterest, facebook, whatever, with the click of a button!
– I’ve also added an email link on the left hand side, so you can follow me via email updates. Or if you’d rather you can follow with google+
-There is also a new blog archive, and I’m getting all of my posts tagged so you can search by topic, date, title, and so many more great options.
-You’ll also see Popular Posts on the left side, and eventually recommended posts under each post
-I’m also trying to link up picasa to have a cute slideshow on the side. Just because I thought you’d all really love to see more pictures of my children (sarcasm).
-There’s also a new link at the top for Homeschooling Resources. This is mostly for me, but you guys are welcome to check it out if you’d like. (See #5 Favorite)
-Aaaand there’s another new link to my Etsy shop as well, but there’s nothing up there so….don’t bother yet. I can only do so many online things at once lol.
If there’s anything else you think I should do (or stop doing) let me know! Or if something would make navigating and reading on here easier.

2. New Jobs! My husband just got a new job, doing pretty much exactly what he wants to do. This is more or less the lecture he gave the kids:

It wasn’t quite that cute but still pretty cute.
He’s so excited and looks absolutely adorable with his dress shirts and engineering goggles and little engineering notebooks. Dorky and adorable. He hates me saying it but with his thin legs and big steel toed boots on he looks almost exactly like his dad. I guess that’s what being an adult really means…turning into your parents.

3. New Stuffed Animals!

While he’s busy off at work I’ve been busy sewing. I’m working on an afghan, but I keep getting periodically volunteered to make stuffed animals for the children. I discovered how incredibly easy and cheap it is to make felt stuffed animals. I first made one for my daughter’s birthday because she wanted a girl fox but I couldn’t really find one. Since then I’ve made her a couple more and a blues clues stuffed animal for my son.

They take me a day to make, and seriously cost about 3 or 4 dollars to make. I’ve now started working on making Kipper and Tiger for my son since apparently those stuffed animals don’t exist either.

While I was sewing my daughter found poor Jenny Bear in the back of my fabric closet. She was mine when I was little and I gave her to my son but he threw up on her when he was little. So I washed her and her delicate paws completely fell apart so I put her in the closet to fix her but forgot about it. Until three years later and she finally has new paws and a very happy new home with my daughter.

It was JUST like Fuzzy Rabbit

4. Speaking of children’s stories have you guys heard that they’re making a new Paddington Bear film! We aren’t English so we’re not as into Paddington as lots of people over there are, but I’ve always purchased Paddington things for my son since he’s a Peruvian Bear living in an English country. I guess maybe I thought my children would have some kind of connection to Paddington but they don’t really other than thinking he’s a cute and very silly bear. I’ve never understood why he has a British accent though. I mean, he’s from Peru, just living in England.
Either way, this new movie looks cute, and has lots of famous people in it, so it’ll probably be bearable (get it! BEARable) for adults.

5. I hate school. I mean, I don’t hate learning, I love learning, and college was pretty fun, but school, public mandatory school is absolutely terrible. I hated it when I was there and I hate my daughter being there now. Every time she goes to school there is a marked and noticeable change in her personality. When she went to preschool she began to throw crying screaming temper tantrums (if you know my daughter, this was an absolute shock). When she went to Kindergarten she was always so tired and grumpy that she had a negative attitude about EVERYTHING. And now that first grade has started she’s developing what I call the “school outlook” on life. It’s more or less that she constantly questions everything she has to do and is determined to get away with as little as she possibly can. Some of that may just be her developmental stage, but when kids are literally given a reward for everything they are supposed to do in school (behave well and you get a toy. Stay in line and we’ll have a pizza party. Be kind to others and you’ll get candy) she has completely lost any sense of doing something because it’s right or it’s what you should do and she’s always looking for a reward, for some benefit for her. 
Not only that but with the new STEM learning criteria, she does nothing in her class except practice reading and math over and over again. Not that this is a bad thing, and I really agree that public schools need to do a better job making sure kids get those things down. Rather, if this is all she’s doing, it makes me question why she needs to be going in the first place. There just seems to be a lot of wasted time, and she does things that she could just as easily be doing at home.That way when she’s done she can do something else, rather than just sit and wait for the next instruction. 
I don’t mean to hate on public school but my husband and I are both starting to really think that for our family’s values and the kind of life we want to promote for our children, homeschooling may be the best option for us. I’m home anyway, and since children don’t hang out with other kids from school anymore (because how can parents know the other kids are good?! It’s much better for parents to handpick their children’s friends! Sarcasm) almost every morning my husband and I look at our grumpy tired daughter and just kind of think “why are we doing this again?” We may be making a change soon.

ok I’m done blabbing. Go check out the other ladies’ posts! (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’]=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,’script’,’//’,’ga’); ga(‘create’, ‘UA-52731437-1’, ‘auto’); ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);


One thought on “five favs

  1. Julie Baldwin says:

    That's really interesting about the public schools, especially the STEM program – there is one near our home, and I always wondered about it. My husband was homeschooled till 8th grade and I went to parochial school K-12. I've thought a lot about parochial school and supplementing their education at home – what an adventure!


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