Five Favorites


I’m feeling like genie poofing out of that lamp! I know I always complain about having to blog on the tablet but I’m never going to do that again because….

1. There’s a new baby computer in our house! Ok, well it’s not really a baby but it’s still cute, and better still, it’s not complete hell typing on it. Or uploading pictures on it. Or doing anything (except playing angry birds. That’s much better on the tablet). Soooo….hopefully (fingers crossed) my posts will be going back to somewhat normal, and even more importantly, I’ll post more than just Five Favorites Linkups! Plus, I’m trying to rework the design of my blog, which I’ve been wanting to do for forever but…well, it was just too daunting. Man, I’m feeling on top of things! ………
………today. I’m on top of things today. And probably only today ha.
2. Really, I called the computer a baby because I am having super duper baby fever lately. And not just human babies. Animal babies. Plant babies. Teeny tiny grapes that I just cradle in my hand and say “AWWWW look at it!” and then I tear up a little bit because it’s so tiny and precious. Maybe I’m just loosing my head slightly? My son and I take visits to the animal shelter to play with the animals and the other day this kitten, about the smallest kitten I had ever seen, like skinny and runty kind of small, just rubbed up against my son and purred and wouldn’t leave his side the whole time. I was pretty close to shoving that thing in my pocket and running out with it. If I’m arrested soon you can rest assured it is almost certainly because I stole some kind of cute thing. So let’s all have an aw moment together. I’ve got to work this out of my system.
3. I may be so emotional and slightly crazy because of the heat here. Heat isn’t really a favorite, but it did rain today so I guess that is what I’m really happy about. But the weather hasn’t really been so hot as much as humid. Ugh so humid. Like the actual air feels heavy. You walk outside and immediately turn around and go back inside with a “Nope!”
Rain. Please come again. We need you. More than cute kittens. Haha, ok ok, not more than cute kittens, but pretty close.

4. I’ve taken to reading some more “heavy” books to my daughter. We started with The Red Pony by Steinbeck (which she loved even though the pony dies.) and have now moved on to The Black Arrow by R.L. Stevenson. That’s Robert Louis Stevenson, not the long version of R.L. Stein. I say this though because my daughter is not a good listener, by any stretch of the imagination (sorry honey). She’s just so draydreamy. But I’ve found that “harder” books kind of force her to listen because if she starts daydreaming she soon has no idea what’s going on.

And not only that, but the plots of these books are so much more interesting. Not that anything is wrong with Little House on the Prairie. We still love that to death. But sometimes things are so sugarcoated for children they become boring. Children actually really like death and destruction and all kinds of other things that parents would say would probably be damaging. I’m a big follower of Bruno Bettelheim who argues that children’s fascination with “bad” things isn’t a desire on their part to be bad or teaches them how to be bad, but rather their desperate attempts to reconcile and understand the ambiguous nature of “good” and “bad” things. Specifically, that traditional fairy tales or children literature like Stevenson, have enchanted children for so long because it gives them actual answers to the real world rather than the kind of goodlovehappinessEVERYWHERE kind of stories people like to write now.

5. Speaking of The Red Pony, my daughter has started horseback riding lessons which I am SO excited about because she’s really good at it! I loved horseback riding when I was young, and would have done it a lot more than I did if it wasn’t so expensive, or if we had a horse, but I always felt a little bit like an outsider when it came to horses because Horse People tend to go back generations and are often riding before they can walk. Luckily for my daughter, I have passed on my knowledge to her and she is calm, assertive, and has a Natural Seat (says her instructor) which really enthused me because it’s like we’ve started being Horse People. Or at least she has. This is a great excuse for us to get a horse now! We pretty much have to since we’re now Horse People!
Oh! We could get a cute wittle baby horse with a curly wittle tail and a tiny soft nose and it would be so precious and we would raise it and curl up with it in the barn so it’s not lonely and it would be so cute and wonderful! AWWWWW!!

I’m crying now from the cuteness. Later gals.

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