Five Favorites

              Ok, ok, I know, I’ve been on too many blogging vacations. BUT school has started and like my bleary eyed daughter I to am getting adjusted to new schedules and trying to carve myself some specified “me” time…to spend with all of you!

1.) Free Stuff
My husband and I always joke that when it comes to buying things we put it off and put it off and eventually the thing we want comes falling into our lap. Recently I finally got an antique chenille bedspread (for 15 bucks, verse the closer to 100 I was planning to spend when I got on my hands and knees and begged my husband for it earlier this year), and my mom gave me her old antique silverware which was perfect because I had been searching for a silver set forever and my cheap plastic ones were breaking and bending and doing all kinds of suicidal things.
Point is, my husband has been looking and planning out and thinking and dreaming about his nice big workbench that is going in his workroom some day. Then…the school next door, which is being torn down…was throwing out a bunch of old art desks. You know, the super long kind with hard granite-like rock tops. Well I snagged ’em. FOR FREE. My husband has a beautiful new workbench, longer and sturdier than he could’ve built in his wildest dreams, and I have a new folding/craft table to go in my new laundry room. Which hasn’t been built yet. Good thing someone has a new workbench so they can get on that laundry room….muahahaha!

2.) School Days!
We sent our oldest off to first grade this week. I’m not one to get too emotional during school time.My daughter was so excited to go to school that, to be honest, it just felt kind of selfish for me to cry and get choked up about her leaving. I so remember how enthralling first days of school are. She’s so mature anyway, and I want her to stay excited about school. Plus, did I mention that she just flew in an airplane by herself? Yes, my 6 year old daughter flew solo home from Florida last week. Going to school all day? Psh, that’s nothing! (Note, I couldn’t sleep at all the night before and kept crying when she was on the plane. I’m not sure if the crying caused the sleeplessness or the sleeplessness caused the crying. Either way, I’m not made of stone and have my limit like any mother.)

I couldn’t help worrying about her lunch though. I’ve never done it before. Did I make enough? What do the other kids eat? They will tell her where to sit right? It’s weird to think about her not eating at home. Can you tell I spend most of my day cooking?

3.) Oh that Garden of mine
I know I spend a lot of time talking about my garden. or at least I feel like I do. But it’s such a baby, mostly because, like an infant, my garden must be tended to daily or it dies. On hot days, hourly.

Finally, harvest day 2…the big harvest…came. I spent two days shelling and sorting and drying beans. Then the rest of the week cooking and potting jars of tomatoes and jams. I’m not brave enough yet to try canning. I’ve read too many books from the turn of the century to feel confident about canning at all (thanks East of Eden), especially because bacteria is so sinister. It just creeps in there and doesn’t make a peep at all until you eat one microscopic particle and then BAM! Ya dead.

Nature’s Skittles
About a quarter of all I ended up doing.

So all of my cans go in the freezer. Just as easy. Not as energy efficient but I’ll get there. Maybe.

4.)  Have you ever read something only to be incredibly let down? coughrevolutionaryroadcoughcough. I’m trying to make my way through Sartor Restartus by Carlyle (don’t be impressed. I was supposed to read it in college but never did. And if you’re not impressed and turn your nose up at the fact that I’ve never read it then I’m gonna call bs on you and say you’ve never read it either. Skimmed it maybe, but not read it. Because….uggggh…). It’s supposed to be this brilliantly witty satire but all I read are triteness and cliched philosophical thought. I get it, this is old, many ideas were “new” at the time but “old” now….but isn’t what makes a book, any book, great is the endurance of the language? That even when ideas are “old” you can still find new meaning in them by the building and layering of the words? I dunno, call me a crazy modern demanding reader but come on Victorians! Throw me something better! Maybe it’s because he’s Scottish.Scotland seems to be such a dreary place with a Viking sense of humor and none of the drunken merriment of Ireland. Carlyle is placed between Swift and Wilde and they could both destroy him in the wit and satire categories. Done reading this? A bit bored? Just imagine reading the real book!

word on the street is he’s related to Sean Connery. Not really. I made that up because they both have rugged features and white beards and accents.

5.) I’m thinking of opening an etsy shop. Well, I did open an Etsy shop. Please, if you would like something, what would it be? Cakes? Vintage baby items? Dried herb wreaths? Terrariums? Flower Arrangements? Allow me to knoweth whereupon thy interest lie and there be-eth my skills….Ok I’m just gonna go ahead and do the whole self-control thing and say I’m too tired to be writing anymore.

‘Till next week!

Oh, bonus!
I sawa this quote the other day and even though it’s by Pink (eeeeeh…) I think it’s a brilliant insight:

“I’m not going to take my daughters fierceness personally. My mom took all my behavior personally, and thought it was rebellion against her. It was just me being me. I want to remember this with my daughter. Its not about me.”

I feel like every parent needs to know this at all times, especially during the teenage years. It is not about us. I know, and I’m sure just about every one else knows, that our parents took teenage rebellion way too personally. Yes, maybe we said something like “It’s all your fault!” but often it wasn’t, often it was just us trying to figure out us. So bear in mind to remember, it’s almost never about us. Be sympathetic, be available, be compassionate.

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