Simple Things Sunday

“Fun is different things to different people,”
Mama said when I named one with other rules.
She continued slicing apples for the kiln,
trimming over-mellowness away.
                                   “I stay
penned up like a mule”
                                    “Better a penned
Mule than a loose fool. Savage emotions
take their toll on the body and the
I offered. “Soul makes a good
rhyming word.”
                                       “Spirit is fine. You want-a
take these out for drying. This winter
we’ll have fun making stack cakes and ribbon
                                      “You call that fun?” I laughed.
                                     “Call it contentment, call it
full stomach insurance. It beats gnawing
snowballs. Things’re what you name them,
and a mother’s supposed to give her children
the proper definitions.”
                                      “I’d like to go
somewhere. You don’t understand.”
slogges up to all the pits and cliffs. When
you get back from taking out the apples,
honey, I’ll show you how to  make
fortune fames with an apple peel.”
-Lillie Chaffin

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