Five Favorites

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To be honest, it’s not even really Five Favorites, more like me talking to myself about Five Random Things.


Here are my five favorites:

1. Grandma’s House. I took my kids up to see my grandma in her wonderfully big farmhouse. It is relaxation and happiness at it’s best. We talked, did crafts, aaaand….

2. My son got potty trained! He’s so funny about having to have just the right phrase or situation presented to him before he does something. So no matter how much my husband and I had worked with him at home, he wasn’t even kind of willing to try until he encountered my grandma’s wooden toilet seat. “It’s small! I won’t fall in! And it’s not cold!” Come to think of it, all of these things make a lot of sense. Why do they make toilet seats so unnecessarily big and out of plastic that seems to come from the arctic. We  had tried with one of those kids potty seat covers but he didn’t like that either, so maybe this was just a case of the right place and the right time. But I’m still doing a lot of laundry for small leaking accidents, which is a pain because…

3. I really need a new laundry room. We have one of those old creepy basements that a lot of old houses have, mostly because someone decided “let’s make waterproof paint a really terrible dark grey so people feel like they’re walking into a cave when they come down here, and then lets encourage everyone to paint every square inch of their basement like this.” So we have just a make shift laundry/mud room down there, and although we’ve tried repainting and trying to make it more cheery, the entire basement really needs an overhaul. To make it worse, the ancient basement sink is always backing up (backing up because hunks of that gray paint keep falling into it…I kid you not.) and I have to empty it with a bucket each time I want to do another load until we have the money to pay for a plumber. Really, a new sink would make so much more sense. Which brings me to….

4. My House. We’ve done so much work to this house I’m starting to feel like I never want to leave it. I don’t like living in town…I would much prefer a place in the country so I can have animals, and we’ve been planning and working towards moving out sometime within the next 4 years. But now I’m starting to wonder if that will happen. It’s just so easy to live in one place. It’s starting to be just how I want it. In short, I LOVE my house. And the idea of moving and having to start all over again at square one is….daunting. But then I remember how nice it is to even have this as a “problem” because, let’s face it,

5. Our lives are awesome. I mean, I can’t speak for all of you. But just the fact that we live inthis country, that we get to live at all, that I’m worrying about where to live like it’s a problem that I have a choice. I don’t meant to sound…I don’t know, pious I guess…but I’ve just been so overwhelmed lately with how staggeringly amazing our world is. I step outsidein the morning, and the sun shines, and just the way it feels….like it’s just breathing life into you. I think “how can I complain about getting up and doing things when the sun shines like this and has been for millions of years and will for millions more.” It’s just so easy to get wrapped up in the things that aren’t going your way, and you completely forget about the billions of things that are working correctly, that have to work correctly just for usto be able to get up in the morning.

Thank you muscles for contracting so I can move my feet, thank you coffee for making just the right flavors to please my tongue, thank you Earth for spinning so those rays peaks into our house from the East each morning and disappear into the West each night, thank you worms for composting those branches to make my soil healthy and plants grow, thank you world for working so perfectly every single day so I can spend my time worrying about whether we’ll have enough milk for tomorrow or if I’ll need to go to the store. I appreciate it.


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