Our Alliterative Summer (Five Favorites)

First of all, let me give a BIG apology to all the lovey ladies at MoxieWife. Every week I read your posts and think “that’s awesome, I’ll write her a comment later and let her know” aaaaaand….one thing leads to another and I never comment. I really need to get better about not procrastinating to lift other people up. You never seem to procrastinate telling someone something bad but for some reason good things always seems to fall into “later” lists.

Secondly, each of these things were supposed to be their own posts but….well….that didn’t happen. So I’m throwing them all up here haha (do you have a very poor opinion of my productiveness yet? Because you should.)

Sometimes I complain because my husband isn’t vocal about his affection, or very cuddly. But I really shouldn’t complain at all because our house is my clear sign of his love. He’s always doing things for my comfort, and to make me happy. While I was on vacation he started working on this pergola, even though we had talked a lot about “the summer project” being creating a man cave in the basement for himself. Sweet boy.

My summer project was to finally….FINALLY finish the mural I had started on my children’s bedroom wall. The wall has this funny little slanted band running which just seemed perfect for a painted scene. So three years ago I started and got as far as the ocean…and stopped. I’m still not finished but…much better.

On this side we  have Alice in Wonderland, Fleurs Animes, Beatrix Potter, and Peter Pan
Captain Hook and on the ceiling you can see Le Petit Prince
This is the part that isn’t finished yet. It’s going to be the Reds Stadium, Mickey in the Night Kitchen, Kipper the Dog, more Peter Pan, and the Sun light from Ikea shinning in the sky.

I was actually shocked how easy this was. I’m not a very good artist, but I all I had to do was slap on some grass and sky and trees, and then I printed off the characters, dunked them in glue, and sealed them with clear paint. It’s not like, professional quality, but the children absolutely love it. I would definitely recommend doing fun paint in children’s rooms.

One day we were all sitting nicely on the quilt outside and I was flipping through  an art book while listening to my daughter talk for about the third straight week about how bored she was and wanted to do something fun like make necklaces or do a play or something and I jumped up and grabbed her and shouted ENOUGH!!.

I suggested that she try copying or recreating some of the paintings I was looking at…..fast forward a month and here are the fruits of her creations (although let’s be honest, “her” project was mostly me setting everything up, her posing, and then me photograping her and editing lol.)  have to say, this will probably remain one of my favorite  memories.  I can’t even look at these without cracking up at how dramatic she is.

This is the original by mary cassatt

You can see the rest here

Although we have an organ, I got my sister to give me her old electric keyboard to teach my children how to play…and man have they been playing. Very poorly, but with great feeling.

And finally I thought I’d share some post I’ve been enjoying. It seems like everyone else is really motivated and throwing out great articles and posts while I’m over here in a groggy summer stupor. So enjoy their words!

Young Evangelicals are Getting High
A great article about how young people are leaving church because they can see through the “bs” of hip music and free coffee and casual dress. I’m one of these young people who is incredibly drawn to the higher churches. There is something so much more wonderful about singing hymns and reading the KJV and connecting to the body of Christ rather than just using him as another way to find self-fulfillment.

NFP week! There’s a lot of good reading out there right now, but I love the simplicity of
April’s five reasons. “It’s the culture that needs to change to accommodate woman’s bodies, not women’s bodies to accommodate the culture.”

The Case Against the Suburbs
This article was a big wake up call for me. I don’t really live in the suburbs, and I’m not sure there is something intrinsically wrong with suburbia, but rather it clearly represents how we all live in our “comfy bubble” Me included.

The Rise and Fall of Charm
Ah-maz-ing! I usually find The Atlantic to be UGH at best, but this is a great article. I hope my son grows up to be charming, because let’s face it, if a man is charming, it just means he had a good mother 😉

Now go, be off and check out the other blogs at MoxieWife!

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