Five Favorites

Here with Moxiewife again!
I haven’t been doing my Five Favorites because June is such a busy month for us. So for my favorites this week, I’ll share what I’ve been up to!

1.) Running
I haven’t run in any kind of serious way since before my son was born. Recently I’ve discovered that my “natural athleticism,” or whatever it is, has started to disappear, and running seems like a much more dignified way to stop this decline, rather than Zumba or something.Already, after just a couple of weeks I definitely feel better than I have in a long time. I have more energy, I don’t feel as sick, and my body already feels more like my old self.
I also just discovered Stromae has released more music, which is perfect for running to.

Both of these songs are actually really sad. But moving too.

2.) Birthdays!

June is a month full of birthdays and other celebrations for us. My Dad turned 60 (sorry for outting the secret!) and my son turned 3. My son got several new baseball jerseys, new baseball pants, cleats, gloves, high socks, and a belt. And he hasn’t taken them off since.

Here is the recipe for the orange cake I made for him.

3.) Anniversary!
Friday was our anniversary, celebrating 4 years of marriage. Here is a recent post I did dedicated to our love story.
We didn’t really do a whole lot, except walk around our grocery store. I bought some rose wine. I wish I could paint every room in my house this color. It is by far one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. It absolutely sparkles.

I felt like I’ve heard Francis Coppolas wine is good. It was.

4.) Chicago

I got a very nice surprise when one of my friend invited me to come along with her to a concert in Chicago. I was so nervous because (this is so embarrassing to admit) but this was the first…the first….time I’ve ever traveled without family. But it was really nice to be out without the children or anyone. I felt very empowered haha.

The library put blackhawks helmets on the lions.

I came up with a small collection of my favorites from the Chicago Art Institute. Check it out.

5.) Vacation


I had an amazing week lazying around the beach house in Tybee. My family goes here every year, but this year we went a bit earlier than usual, and my husband wasn’t able to join us. It was still such a nice time to relax and enjoy the rest of my family though. Vacations are so invigorating and really help me get my motivation for life back.

being dramatic on the couch at The Gryphon
The Atlantic
En Route to the Beach
My daughter would pick someone to be her best friend every day. This day it was her uncle’s turn.

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