A couple weeks ago on facebook I said something about running out of songs to sing to my children at bedtime. That wasn’t entirely true, because I didn’t run out of songs…I just couldn’t think of any songs except John Denver. So I thought I’d come up with a youtube list of my favorite bedtime songs, just so I remember them.

Baby Mine. This is what I always sang to my daughter.

Duerme Negrito

Stay Awake.

Fais Dodo

To be honest I’m not quite sure what this one is called. Poule something.

I see the moon. This is a family favorite. A tradition started by my Grandpa.

Any good ones I forgot? Lemme know!
And speaking of children’s songs, if you’re a parent and haven’t downloaded a Raffi CD, please do it now! It’s probably the only children’s music I actually enjoy. Kind of like Shel Silverstein but music.

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