Five Favorites!

I’m so excited to be joining Moxiewife for my first five favorites! I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile but this past week has been such a blur of fun activity I’ve become, as usual, a bit behind. Last week was my husband’s “vacation” although just from school, not work, but either way it felt like we got to be together all of the time and now that he is super busy again I’ve been absolutely miserable and lonely! Last week we went camping, fishing, cooked out, bummed around garage sales…but this week I’ve been sulking around the house, glumly trying to play with the kids and enjoy the sunshine but it isn’t working. Obviously I’m being a bit dramatic haha.


1.) La Fille du Puisatier (The Well Digger’s Daughter)

This is one of my favorite movies. It’s so beautiful in so many ways. Plus Daniel Auteuil directed and stars in it. He is one of the wittiest actors out there.

2.) Bottled Water 

I’m all about bottled water right now. My husband says it’s stupid to buy water but my reasoning is that I drink more water because it actually tastes good, I don’t waste it because I’m much more conscious about directly paying money for it, and I’m not buying those small plastic bottles, but big glass ones, which means I get pretty bottles to use around my garden and house (never under estimate the many uses of a glass bottle!) or recycle them if I don’t need them.

3.) Biking Season

This is such blissful weather for biking right now. A month ago I dusted off old Black Beauty and Rose Red and having been just riding all over the place. We got these on a recommendation from a friend from Beach Bikes and they are amazing. A bit heavy, and they don’t have gears (although you can get them with gears) but they’re perfect for us, just peddling around the neighborhood and park.

4.) Scarf

(As you can see, pretty things bring out my vanity…hence why I dislike shopping)

I went shopping and got a new dress for my sister’s graduation from Med school, but I found this scarf which I absolutely adore! I’m not one to love shopping mostly because I have a very specific idea of what I like (aka I’m picky) so the fact that I found this scarf and became so enamored was a bit unusual for me. I love it so much I was dancing around the house. True love right there.

5.) Garage Sales!

Last weekend our town had it’s yearly garage sale. It is a BIG deal around here, with vendors coming in and people setting up camp in just about any free square inch of yard or parking lot. My husband says it’s just a bunch of people trading their own junk for someone else’s, which is partly true since we have a lot of committed junk collectors out here (seriously, there is someone who has things out in their yard every single weekend from spring to fall trying to sell stuff. Eventually you’d think they’d just realize no one wants it and give it away?) but that sure didn’t stop him from getting up early to tramp around the town with me! I got a bunch of small juice cups for the kids since I threw all of their plastic ones away. I hate those cups designed for children, because they’re just as round as adult cups so the kids can hardly hold them, and their mouths are so small their drink spills out the sides onto their cheeks, plus, plastic always starts to smell funky after a few washes, not to mention all of the BPA warnings going around. The point is, I bought some small juice cups for my children to use. And they are adorable!

                                                           I found this cup with the others. I had to buy it since
                                               it’s like the one Hercule Poirot uses to drink his tisanes

I also found some outdoor bamboo chairs for our patio. I painted them red and redid the seat cushions (forgot to take a picture! Arg!). It’s in perfect time too because it is so nice outside right now. Wonderful for eating outside. And since we have so many pretty new things, that is what we did!

Found this adorable casserole dish too!

You can’t have an outdoor lunch without having a little Puccini. Seriously, it makes your food taste better.
I’m very enamored with this cake right now. It’s a variation on one over at I Am Baker. I couldn’t find the new pillsbury lime cake mix so I used orange and lemon instead. I wanted to put the lemons on the top to show off the cool tie dye-like frosting but SOMEONE (no names mentioned) thought they looked better on the side. It didn’t work out so well. But, it was still amazingly good so…alls well!

See! Look how easily he handles his new cup!

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