daily inspiration

This is my last daily inspiration. Well, kind of. Next week I’ll be linking up with MoxieWife for five favorites, which is really the same thing. So I have a lot to share this week…lets get to it!

1.) Modernisme

Modernisme is such a wonderful combination of organic lines, art nouveau styling, and classical themes. I love Gaudi and Casas and would give anything to go to Barcelona. Life would be so much better if everything had round windows and colored glass inlays. I just recently watched a travel with Rick Steves where he went to Barcelona and I had never seen the Sangrada Familia before. Staggering.

Casas Painting:

2.) Where the Sidewalk Ends

Is there any better poetry book? I think not. I bought this for my daughter for her birthday a month ago. She has almost all the poems memorized already. Even my 2 year old laughs and laughs and laughs at the silliness. Their favorites are I Cannot Go to School Today and Who Wants a Pancake?
3.) List of Common Misconceptions
I just discovered this wikipedia list yesterday and stayed up late reading it. I’m shocked by the amount of “facts” I remember learning in school that are on there. I also like how pretentious this list is. A list of information to ensure that you can tell someone they are wrong and ignorant at least once per conversation.
4.) Miniature Houses
Miniature things are the best. It says this is from the book Brambly Hedge, which I’ve never heard of, but I like it because it reminds me of Beatrix Potter and Timmy Willie or Mrs. Tittlemouse, Hunga Munga’s home. You can see the house in detail here. I wish I was small enough to live in a dollhouse. Although if I was that small I might choose to live in an actual tree instead. Have a little walnut shell bed. Use rose petals to make a dress. Use a leaf as an umbrella. Becoming teeny tiny is a close second to flying on my list of dreams that will never happen. Ah well…
This woman has also made a brilliant Hobbit Hole house!

5.) Wedding Rings

Finally got a wedding band. It has little baby diamonds and pretty leaves that fit right around my big stone. Unfortunately, my actual ring is still broken. The stone fell out while I was cooking Christmas dinner and we haven’t gotten it put back in yet. Ah well, at least I feel kind of married again!

6.) Baseball and Baking
I can’t even kind of begin to explain how obsessed my son is with baseball and baking. All day long, all he wants to do is play baseball or help me cook. Although he doesn’t like cooking, he just likes baking. Mixing, measuring, stirring, spooning, he wants to do it all and is good! At least he has a good back up plan in case his baseball career doesn’t work out. Did I mention he’s two? haha


He’s rounding first

He beat the shortstop to second

I don’t believe it! He’s going to third!
Rounded third and heading for home but he’s in a pickle! 
Ha! Home run!

7.) Kate Nash “Nicest Thing”

I don’t know why I like this song so much. It reminds me of Fantine. You know, if she didn’t live two hundred years ago. Or even if she actually existed at all…

8.) Test Tube Chandelier
I’m trying to figure out how to make this myself. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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