Daily Inspiration

I’m afraid this post isn’t going to be very inspiring. I’ve gotten a horrible rash all over my arms and chest thanks to a lovely little plant called poison ivy, and the medicine I’m taking to prevent me from clawing at my skin is leaving me kind of…daydreamy. I don’t think there is any time where I feel more like a child than when I’m not feeling well. I can go from unequivocally happy to sullen and sulky in a matter of seconds, and I lash out in uncomprehensible moods that leave me embarrassed later. I wish I gave more thought to my words and actions but its just such a surprise to me that people can actually see and hear me and I have the power to hurt feelings.

Last night we went to a baseball game and I didn’t get into bed until midnight. My husband was doing some work and when he went to bed at 3, I woke up and didn’t fall back to sleep until dawn. I was too busy thinking but I couldn’t tell you what in the world I was thinking about. All I remember is that I was really engrossed in my thoughts, and occasionally looked up something on my phone. This seems to be how I spend most of my life. Just sitting and thinking, unable to participate in “normal” activities, but nothing ever seems to leave much of a lasting mark on me. Thoughts and days come and go, and I just kind of daydream my life away. I’m no Ulysses.

“Surely, surely, slumber is more sweet than toil, the shore
Than labor in the deep mid-ocean, wind and wave and oar;
O, rest ye, brother mariners, we will not wander more.”

I wonder if this is good for my children though. Shouldn’t I model for them to be motivated go-getters? Isn’t that the key to being successful? I’ve always regretted not taking action on my ideas, but to be honest, thinking of them gives me much more pleasure than I can ever imagine action would.
Which is why I am here, sharing the things that have got me going today haha

1.) Mockingbirds

A couple of days ago at the park I heard a bird singing prettily, and as I was trying to decipher what it was, it burst into about eight or nine different songs. Ah mockingbird, we meet at last.
2.) Gardens
My garden is beginning to show some growth, and yummy things to eat are coming up all over the place. I did a blogpost on eating tasty yard growth, and another one on germinating seeds.
Something about this weather must be good for tulips. I have at least twice as many heads as I did last year.

Blurry photo of baby swiss chard



le petit pois

Hey violet! You’re very lovely but you’re not supposed to be in here! Oh, you want to stay? Ok, you can stay.
3.) Because I always seem to post some music…


4.) I’ve taken to reading french poetry lately. I don’t know why I love speaking french so much. It’s just so lyrical. 
“Les oiseaux intermittents
Les champs toujours la en face
Les mots voltigent, reviennent
Le touchent, il tend la main
Et les pose doucement
Les uns a cote des autres
Ils disent des choses tres simples
Comme la musique
L’eau est calme
L’ombre de l’oiseau surprend
Les jours sont longs
Comme au debut de la vie
A partir d’un moment d’une extreme simplicite
il ne faut plus esperer”
Birds sometimes
the fields still over there
words go away come back
touch  he holds out his hand
and puts them down softly
side by side
they say simple things
like music
the water is calm
a bird’s shadow surprises
the days are long
as once they were
After a moment of extreme simplicity
hope is no longer needed

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