Daily Inspiration

I am desperately lacking in inspiration today. I have a test, I’m tired of the cold, and I made the mistake of listening to the news and became really depressed. I did have a good weekend though. Last weekend my oldest sister was here and she talked my mom and I into going to the spa, which was fantastic since I’ve never been before. But then this weekend my other sister came home for Easter, so this past week it was almost like having everyone home. Easter and my daughter’s birthday was on the same day we so had a joint Birthday Celebration/ Easter Redemption party. And then Monday was opening day. We didn’t go to the game but here in Cincinnati we have a parade and parties and all kinds of fun stuff going on. Today I woke up in a gloomy mood though because it’s back to reality and the piles of laundry in the basement wont wait any longer….

My only inspiration for you today is radiolab. These podcasts are so fantastic, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to one that I didn’t like (and I’ve listened to about all of them).

This is my favorite one though:
Dark Side of the Earth

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