In Which I Lament the Lack of Choices When Shopping for Boys

Although I’m saying that I hate shopping for boys,  I really am not a fan of shopping for girls either. After 2t girl’s clothing becomes so depressing. Just at Old Navy the other day I was looking at the size 6 shirts, since I have a six year old now (AAAAAHHHHH!!!), and the V neck was so intense, it would have gone half way down my daughters chest. I mean, she is a small girl, but if the shirt fits her lengthwise, then why is the V so low on her?? There’s a lot of hubbub about Victoria Secret’s new linefor preteen/young teen girls.In general it doesn’t really bother me, other parents can buy it if they want (although it does seem like a questionable business move. I’m not sure there are many 13 year olds who are going to put up with wearing a thong all day), but it does make it so much harder to find a store, any store, where I can buy clothes that cover my daughter without saying “brat” or “flirt.”To be honest, even “Daddy’s Girl” shirts kind of annoy me, since that expression is usually followed by, “Daddy is wrapped around my little finger.” Am I being too sensitive? Maybe, but it’s just the lack of variety. As an adult, if you’re part of the “alternative” crowd you can go to Hot Topic or something, or if you’re a hipster you can go to Anthropologie or Banana Repiblic, if you enjoy a classic cut you go to Polo, if you’re on a budget you go to forever 21, if you love coupons you go to Macys, but children’s clothing stores are all exactly the same. Boring rugby shirts and faded jeans for boy, neon colors and leopard print for girls.
I think I got off topic. My original point was that shopping for boys is worse than shopping for girls because at least the girls have a little variety, even if all stores sell the same thing. Boys clothing lines are exactly the same from year to year. While working at Gymboree I stopped even looking at the boys lines because I knew that if someone wanted a shirt with a soccer ball we’d have one somewhere. Girls lines had a lot of themes and styles. But the worst part about boys clothes is that even though the do have the same stuff year after year, it’s not particularly cute, or at least not how I think boys should dress. I like dressing both of my chidren up for church, but when my son was a baby I never knew what to put him in because the only dress up clothes stores sold for babies (for BABIES) were suits. Yes,suits and ties and collared button ups for little baby boys. Because after church he has a meeting to go to. Of course you could buy this adorable outfit but it’ll set you back eighty four buckeroos. I ended up making most of my sons dress clothes.
And now that he’s older it’s not any better. Yes, there are lots of cute t-shirts out there, and jackets are easy to find too, but what happened to just plain blue jeans? Or white tees, the kind that aren’t undershirts but made to be played in because mom can bleach them no matter what kind of grub you get into? My son loves the Sandlot (really, who doesn’t?) and Iwanted to get him those great old style blue jeans that have so much “growing room” you have to roll them up and you walk around with huge cuffs above your canvas sneakers. But jeans are all faded and have whiskers or huge back pockets with designs scrawled on them, or little animals down by the hem.
I know in the grand scheme of things this is a trvial to non issue but it still is frustrating and I know I am not the only one who feels this way. When I was at Gymboree we had people coming in all the time, at least one a day, asking for the Gymboree “basics.” Gymboree used to sell basic jeans, tee shirts, whatever, but they got rid of them. I guess they figured they wanted to be a more “upscale” store and so got rid of anything that wasn’t supercute. It’s usually older woman who come in and ask for it, and I would have to tell them “no, we don’t have a plain green shirt to match the rest of the outfit you already own but I can sell you this green shirt with a large puppy’s face on it that perfectly matches these pants and these socks and these shoes and this hat and these sunglasses. See, they all have that puppy on them! And best of all, they match nothing else you have, so if one of them is dirty, you will have to wear one of our other coordinating outfits. You’ll spend a fortune here on these really adorable and impractical clothes!”

bah. humbug.


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