Daily Inspiration

1.) Harper’s Bizarre “When I was a Cowboy”

One of the best cowboy songs ever written. I can’t find it on youtube or else I’d post it here. Go buy it on itunes or listen on spotify. They have a different song called “Cowboy” which is also good,but not the one I want you to hear. I promise you, it will be worth it!

2.) Orlando

It’s funny because when I first read this book I wasn’t too impressed (if right now you’re saying “what? Orlando is a place. What book?” you need to go out and take a women and gender studies class. Shame on your for not knowing about Orlando! Just kidding, it’s not that important.) Anyway…I watched the movie with Tilda Swinson, who is perfect playing a man who becomes a woman after living a hundred years (yes, that is the premise of the story. I told you, I don’t blame you at all if you haven’t read it) and then reread the book and it’s now one of those things that I can’t get out of my head and keeps randomly popping up and I just go over it again and again and again trying to make sense of it, but things that move you rarely make sense so I should probably give up on that. But the scenes, the plot, the lack of emotion from Orlando. It really throws you for a loop.


Although generally speaking I like more classical art,  like the romantic period, graffiti (good, well done graffiti that is) absolutely tickles me to death. It is the only art medium that I really find funny. There are so many banksys that are incredibly witty, often in a deeply significant kind of way. I also like the impermanence of it. Graffiti artists go through so much effort to make such a fleeting image that most people wont even see.


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