Daily Inspiration

1.) I have lisztomania and lisztomaniamania. Does that make sense to anybody?
Let me explain. I love Franz Liszt

phew! you go girl! way to keep those fingers curled!
Bugs Bunny loves him too. I told you old cartoons are better.

and I just recently heard this song, which I also love. Is “love” too strong of a word? I don’t think so.

“Lisztomania” refers to the mania that would overtake young woman when the listened to Franz Liszt perform. Yes, you read that correctly. Woman would go in a frenzy over a Liszt performance. Kind of takes the wind out of the Beatles sails doesn’t it?

2.) Easter
Easter is on my list because of the lack of inspiration I have over it right now. Maybe it’s because it falls on my daugher’s birthday, or maybe because I got excited about it a couple of weeks ago, but I keep forgetting that Easter is coming. We only just made our Easter eggs yesterday (blown out, naturally dyed, and hung with ribbons. Tuitorial coming soon!) and if my Dad hadn’t called me earlier I would’ve forgotten about our church egg hunt. I also forgot to put out my decorations, which kind of does make me upset since I enjoy looking at all the cute little bunnies I have. I suppose I could still put them up…

3.) Kindred Spirits
I’ve been missing so many people lately. When I find people I like I fall so deeply in love with them and stay attached long after we’ve gone our separate ways. Not in an obsessive or romantic way, just that I am absolutely fascinated.I mean really, is there any better feeling than meeting or being around people whom you enjoy? My family inspires me every singe day, but it’s so fantastic to catch up with friends and live vicariously through them while they talk about their lives. Real kindred spirits have been hard to find most of my life, maybe because I never felt like I was interesting enough to be friends with people I found intriguing, but now I feel like I find a new one every day. I wish I had enough time to give to my family AND friends all the attention I think they deserve. Someday.

4.) Today I went to an Easter egg hunt and a little boy came up to me, pointed to my son, and said “Are you his mother?”
Yes, I said.
“But youre so pretty!”
I’m not sure if this was a compliment to me or a slight to Max. I choose to think it was a compliment and I wish I had seen who his mom was so I could tell her what a great eye for beauty he has. What a charming, delightful boy! haha


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