Daily Inspiration

These are the things that I’ve been ruminating on lately.

1.) The Crystal Palace

I read a book awhile ago about Paxton, the landscape architect to designed the Palace but I just came across a brief mention of the Palace and have been thinking about it ever since. I just love the look of iron and glass. And having a worldwide fair at a time when so many exciting inventions were coming to life. The toilet was first displayed here. Exciting times.

The gates are in Kensington gardens now but that is unfortunately the only bit that’s left of the beautiful palace. It burnt down. I hope to see the gates someday.

2.) Mary Poppins
We watched this movie the other day. It was the first time I’d rented a movie from amazon, which worked out phenomenally. I’ve always said that Mary Poppins is my mothering idol. I always try to be as proper and full of nonsense simultaneously as I can. My children, like most children, loath cleaning up their room. I wish I could teach them how to snap and clean it up like Mary does but I haven’t quite mastered it yet.
I think my husband tries to channel Dick Van Dyke quite a bit too. I think that makes us a mighty fine pair.
3.) Another Mary. THE Mary.
As Easter approaches I always think of Mary. I know it is a time to think about God and his sacrificial lamb but my mind always turns to Mary. Maybe as a mother I relate to her more. She teaches me to trust. Trust that God is in control, trust our children even when we know their life will not be what we want it to be, trust the world to believe in our children as much as we do. I’m not Catholic but I love saying the Hail Mary prayer. In dealing with my children every day it gives me peace knowing that God is in control, and like Abraham and Mary I must give my children over to him to have confidence that they will grow up well. I love all of the artworks surrounding Mary too. Holding her child, nursing her child, mourning over her child. When I look at Christ on the cross I don’t feel his love and sorrow, I feel Mary’s love and sorrow, and I understand what his sacrifice meant. 
4.) Speaking of artwork of mothers, and Marys…
I absolutely love Mary Cassatt. Nevermind that she had a passionate love with Degas, who is also amazing, but her paintings are so beautiful. I love them especially because they show the kind of tender but passive love that mothers have with their children. You see the child, holding onto their mother, or resting their head in her lap and she does her work or reads or thinks, and they are both happily secure knowing that each other is nearby without having to be obsessively playing and thinking about each other constantly. I feel like that is how some mothers now describe their love, as clutchy and possessive and obsessive, but motherly love should be constantly, confident, and carefree, which is how I see Mary Cassatt painting her pictures.

This beauty is in our art museum


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