Why Old Cartoons Will Always Be Better

I have a very deep prejudice. I mean, to the point of spewing hate speech. I don’t like most cartoons on. And it has very little to do with the fact that children shouldn’t watch TV or only educational TV or that  they’re too violent or whatever. They are just sooo terrible. Like so many things for children, marketers and producers have stopped trying to expose children to anything good, artistic, or holding any merit whatsoever and have turned them into blobs of goo glued to brainless screen movement. Ok, so maybe part of this is an educational aspect. Because so many old cartoons were just brilliant! I mean, the art behind them, the dialogue, the music, the themes. Really, when was the last time you saw a modern cartoon doing a recreation of Opera (Family Guy excluded)?

Or two musical styles had to battle it out?
But that’s just it! Aside from Family Guy and the Simpsons, most TV shows are so dumbed down for children. Cartoons used to be designed to appeal to adults and children but not since adults and children don’t watch TV together anymore, I guess. Movies are often still made like this, like Shrek or lots of Disney films. That’s why I enjoy watching them with my kids but can’t leave the room fast enough when they want to watch something like Snow Buddies. I still enjoy watching most of these cartoons myself, even without my kids. I was watching Tex Avery cartoons until Cartoon Network got rid of their show. Luckily now in the age of the Internet, YouTube has a whole channel dedicated to him. 
There are cartoons that have stayed in my memory my entire life. I’ve always loved fairies and wished I could live inside a flower after seeing this cartoon when I was about 9 while visiting a friend in California. I never saw the cartoon again until maybe a year ago when I looked it up online. But the imagery had stayed with me that entire time. I could play the whole cartoon in my mind, I was so enchanted.
And really, isn’t that what we want cartoons to do? Not to mindlessly entertain us but to inspire us, to enchant us, to bring our imaginations to life. Adult cartoons like Family Guy are so great presicely because they can begin when live action comedy ends and expose us to a greater world of humor. Cartoons for children should be the same way, giving children a greater sense of the possibilities of life and their mind.
More Oldies favorites:





My son wants me to include this one. It’s his favorite.


You can always check out these movies from your library or order them online:
You can’t really find many Tex Avery DVDs…at least I can’t…but they abound on the internet and youtube.
Yet another reason why we don’t have cable. All the good stuff is available online now anyways!

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