Great Thrift Finds

I, like so many people, love thrift stores. Mostly because I have a very traditional sense of style when it comes to my children. I like them to look like Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, and my son to look like Christopher Robin. In general. I’m not super strict about it, because I find a lot of things I like in more modern styles. But it’s only when I want them to look all dolled up that I hit a wall because I do not have the kind of budget it requires to buy lots of things from JanieandJack. Which is why I turned to thrift stores. First of all you can get all of those great kinds of knickknacks for your house at least half the price of retail stores (and many times things are brand new too!). Also, it is a great place to pick up books. I got this Mother Goose (because it has the full, complete version of all the rhymes) at my library’s book sale but resale stores always have so many fantastic books too.

As I was saying though, thrift stores are my go to places to find cute, classic kinds of clothes. Most good resale stores only take clothes that are in good quality, and so rebuying is hardly any worse than buying new. Here is a sweater that I found at Once Upon a Child. It was a 3T size from Gap, but it fits my 2T son, because someone clearly shrunk it, which is probably how it ended up at the thrift store. But this was fantastic for me, because my son is smaller and the fabric is now about two inches thick, no joke. It was the best this winter because it was so incredibly thick and warm. And cute!

Usually I try to find a cute outfit and then embellish it with things like sewing lace edges on shirts, or just adding a more expensive accessory. You can find a lot of people doing this same thing on Etsy or at craft fairs and then selling the clothes, which is a pretty good idea, but it’s so easy to do yourself! For my daughter’s birthday/Easter last year I found a thrift store dress (from Gymboree originally I think) and paired it with an umbrella from JanieandJack and a hat that was on sale from Old Navy. The blues don’t match perfectly, and all the items don’t have the same print, but I feel like it makes her look more adult. I hate those super matching coordinating outfits that you get from a lot of children’s stores. It’s impossible to buy plain clothes sometimes that don’t have flowers or animals on them that only match a certain shirt and a certain sweater and certain socks.
Her shoes are from payless, which has surprisingly classic shoes for girls. I buy her a pair of white t-strap maryjanes from there whenever she outgrows the last ones, and black and white saddles shoes for winter.
It’s a lot harder finding traditional looking shoes for my son, and I typically spend more on his and order them online. Needless to say, I buy them big.


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