If there is one thing I love it is vintage fashion. Today my inspiration comes from the movie Chocolat. In it, Vianne wears the most beautiful plunging V necklines. I always look for tops and dresses that hang on the shoulder like hers since I happen to think those look mighty nice on myself. I also like how she mixes those seductively cut dresses with bright corals and robins egg blue. She has this fantastic mix of traditional 1950s woman with something very foreign in the patterns and fringes of her clothes. I snagged this photo pile up from Le Quaintrelle, which shows off all of the fashion. I have several large scarves that I wrap around myself, and I find a lot of great items that fit Vianne’s style at anthropologie but right now I am all about this dress. The bottom half is a bit tighter than I’d like but that red! That neckline! I’ve been looking at it and ho humming but I think I might have to go for it.

Vianne’s daughter Anouk is a constant source of inspiration when I dress my children. Her cute sweaters over skirts are always on my mind when I go shopping for them. I really have a thing for thick woolen sweaters just in general though. I really love all of the things from JanieandJack but, as well all know, that store is EXPENSIVE. Well, relatively expensive. Expensive for children who are going to outgrow it in two months and ruin it with the amount of dirt they play in. I tend to buy things like this at resale shops, which always have a really good selection of higher prices brands like JanieandJack and also designer clothes, all for a less or the same price as Target.

I also like buying from resale shops just because I feel like it aligns with my values. I try to be as anti-consumerist as I can (hence why I’ve been looking at that red dress for months and still haven’t purchased it) but children will grow, and they will need new clothing. It makes me feel good though to buy things that already exist instead of creating a market for manufactures to produce more. I also just like the recycling aspect of it. Someone buys it, uses it, I then buy it, use it, I resell it and someone else buys it, uses it, and eventually it will end up as rags for someone, or maybe recycled into new clothes, or sent overseas and used even more. Either way, I am contributing to the recycling process instead of the consuming process. I’m thinking about going shopping sometime next week so I’ll be sure to post about it in my new Vintage Values series!


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