Valentines Cards

This past Valentine’s day I realized very late that I needed to send in valentines to my daughter’s class. Late, like tomorrow morning late. For some reason they had to give them to their teacher a couple days before their V-day party. Anyway, I scrambled and found this idea for valentines which involved nothing more than what I already had on hand. I wasn’t about to make a trip out in the freezing cold just to the store. I didn’t put wiggly eyes on the bugs, and didn’t do the backs of them either because we were taping them to pieces of candy, but I think they turned out rather nicely. Because it was so quick and easy we made a whole bunch and mailed some out to family as well. I didn’t take a picture but we also made these hands although I can’t find where I saw them. My son did his hand in red and my daughter put on the other hand in pink. I hope everyone liked them. I am sometimes grateful for my laziness about leaving the house because there was really no reason to buy something when I could make them from what we already own. To be thrifty is by necessity to be crafty haha.


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