More Mommy Wars

UUUUUGH!! I can’t say that enough whenever I read articles like this. The Atlantic seems to be pretty bad about perpetuating the “Mommy Wars” (like they do here too).  In fact, most media outlets are almost ridiculous in the amount of diabolical articles they put out pitting one mom against the other. I thought the dream of feminism was that we should all be allowed to do whatever we want to? You know, within reason. Like men do. But how then, do we continually put out articles telling parents they are doing it wrong? Telling women they can’t have it all, you can never be happy or satisfied. You can never love your children and your work. You can never be a good worker and a good parent. It seems to me that women who do seem to “have it all” don’t really have it all, they are just happy with what they do have. Parenting is not a career ladder and you will never be the best by trying to be the best. I really enjoyed this response article. As Sarah puts it, “In the case of Slaughter, I’m sorry It didn’t work out for her to have it all. But I don’t see what the hell that has to do with Sandberg, me, or any other working mom. Why should she get to continually inflict her bitterness over her own choices onto everyone on the planet with ambitions and a uterus? It’s embarrassing that outlets like the New York Times and the Atlantic keep giving her credibility and airtime. In fact, the only thing in this debate that strikes me as incredibly sexist is Slaughter’s utter disbelief other women could simply have had a different experience from her. Are we all supposed to be the same person just because we are the same gender? That’s as insulting now as it was in the days before the Feminist movement.” I really hate it when left-leaning women talk about how “sexist” or “anti-feminist” certain mommy roles are, and right-leaning women talk about how “unnatural” or “anti-biblical” certain mommy roles are, as if feminism, nature, or God ever intended every single woman to be exactly the same. I understand that no one likes having their way of doing things put-down or demeaned, but that is no reason to turn around and do the same to others. You can’t bring yourself up by putting others down, right? It also seems to me that people don’t know how to recognize how much circumstances play into their lives. If it wasn’t for having a baby young I probably wouldn’t have married for a long time, would have focused on a career, maybe would have continued working when I did have children, and my entire parenting approach would no doubt be very different. The way I raise and deal with my children is what is best for us. As soon as you try to apply other people’s ways of living like a band-aid over your own, you are setting yourself up for a major let down. Again, I really wish mom’s would stop being so hard on themselves and just let motherhood evolve itself into their lives. There is enough misery in the world already, don’t bring more on yourself! And for heaven’s sake, stop forcing it on others! I’m looking at you Atlantic!


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