Corn Dog Dinner

We’re going to make these corn dog muffins via ThePioneerWoman for dinner tonight. I love finding recipes that the kids can make themselves. Ever since I read Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman (on my list of recommended reads!) I’ve been obsessed with how french people teach their children about food. I try to talk to my children a lot about how things taste, see if they can guess the kinds of ingredients I used in a dish, and have a very strict two bite rule for new foods, and five bite rule for foods they’ve had before to help them “educate their palate” as the french say. My son is always wanting to help me bake, and my daughter is all about cooking (she’s about the only child I’ve ever met who’s not crazy about sweets), and while they usually help me, I sometimes like to branch out and let them cook it all. In her book Pamela talks about going to friend’s houses and seeing their young, like three years old young, children baking a cake almost entirely unassisted. If they can do it, my kids can too, says I! My daughter is going to blanch some asparagus too, which is about one of the easiest things she can do but she loves the way it sounds so fancy. I’m sure I will have a bit of a mess to clean up in the kitchen, but the more often they cook, the better and less messy they’ve become. Sometimes you just have to deal with a little hassle to teach them something that is hopefully valuable. My grandma always talks about how she would bake with my dad. She said all of her friends were so surprised by that, although I’m not sure if she meant they were surprised a small child was helping her, or that a little boy was baking haha. I’ll be sure to update to let you know how their unassisted meal went!

I really wish my nice camera wasn’t broken so I could’ve shared a picture. The ones I took with my other camera turned out atrociously, but the corn dog muffins were fantastic! The kids made them with just a jiffy cornmeal mix, popped them in the oven, and when my son decided they were cupcakes, they decorated them with ketchup “frosting” and mustard “sprinkles.” They took awhile to cook because we forgot to preheat the oven, so my hungry kids ate all, I mean ALL, of the asparagus and most of our applesauce too. But somehow they still had room for several corndogs!


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